December 21, 2020

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See you in 2021!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who is excited and hopeful for 2020. It's been wonderful getting to know my schools and the staff at each, and I look forward to working together even more in 2021.
As always, thank you for the supporting the efforts to increase career awareness and exploration activities for students!

Planning for Themed Career Months: Healthcare Month is Coming!
The Career Navigator team put together two themed career months this fall (Manufacturing month and Construction month), and will continue to build additional themes into the calendar during the next school year. We will launch Healthcare Month next in January/February.
These themed months are opportunities for students to learn about careers in each of the highlighted industries each themed month.
To help you plan, here's the calendar of what sectors will be highlighted in 2021:
  • January/February - Healthcare (next month!)
  • March - Post-Secondary
  • May - Hospitality
  • October - Manufacturing
  • December - Construction
Each of these months are accessible through the FutureForward™ platform, and all educators and students can gain access to the platform - all you need to do is let me know of your interest, and I will give you your login information. I'm also happy to give you and your team some instruction on navigating the platform.
Themed months also include a digital toolkit full of industry information, highlight videos of local and regional companies, recorded interviews, and lesson ideas. 

Career Pathway Flyers

I know we said we weren't exchanging gifts this year, but I saw these and thought of you. Check out these career pathway flyers. Click on each link to see and print the PDF. Enjoy!
Contact me for a brief training on how to access opportunities
like these on FutureForward™.

Resources to Share
Teacher Resources from Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence

Check out these resources from MN State Transportation Center of Excellence! They include:
-Virtual Class Presentations
-Career Exploration Lessons
-Virtual Industry Tours
-Tool and Equipment Library
Click here for more information.

The 2021 Engineering Machine Design Contest is right around the corner. This is an opportunity for teams of 3-10 students to design and build a complex machine using everyday objects with the guidance of a coach. The theme is: Driving Change through Transportation! Learn more here.

 If you have students who are looking into hands-on career options, this is a great resource to explore careers in HVAC. According to industry experts, there will be an estimated shortage of 400,000 HVAC technicians over the next decade. A job in this field can bring competitive salaries, working with technology, and job security - without taking on four years of college debt. Additionally, many companies will help pay for new techs to learn the trade. If you know a student who is interested, share this link to learn more.

Just in time for Healthcare Month, Mayo Clinic is offering a webinar to students who are interested in careers in health science. This hour long seminar will help students to refine their resumes, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews. This is a great opportunity for students who have their sights set on working at Mayo Clinic or other organizations. Click here for registration page.

A great number of Minnesota's construction-related associations offer scholarships for young people seeking careers in the industry. Check out the Project Build MN website for organizations who have funds for these students.

The scholarship application for the "Grow Ag Leaders" is now open. Every year, Grow Ag Leaders awards more than $500,000 in scholarships to students studying in ag-related fields. In 2021, more than 350 scholarships totaling more than $500,000 will be awarded across the U.S.

Agriculture creates nearly 54,000 jobs each year, and almost half of these go unfilled. It’s up to farming communities to remind students that a career in ag is beneficial to both their own personal success stories and our growing population. Grow Ag Leaders asks farmers to endorse high school seniors or college students for a chance to win a $1,500 scholarship to support their higher education studies in ag-related fields. Click here for more info.

High school students who lost wages after January 27, 2020, due to the pandemic, can now apply for MN Unemployment Insurance Benefits.  The benefits are retroactive, but the deadline is December 25th, 2020.

More information & steps for eligible youth HERE

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Jan12 - Healthcare Month begins! Contact Katie to get access.
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