Marlene Bessette PRESIDENT AND CEO
Dear Friends,
We in Upstate NY are naturally grateful during the warmer, sunnier days of summer. My husband, Eric, and I remind ourselves that this remarkable rain is also a blessing. Yes, we try to be grateful for cloudy days as well as sunny ones!
If you think of rain as a gift from God, balancing the sun to provide good crops and a blooming garden, and even providing some insurance against drought, then perhaps we Rochesterians can rejoice when yet another storm rolls in. Eric and I are reflecting on other times when storms roll into our lives, seeking the gifts from God in every day. 
I am so grateful for your ongoing support of the mission of Catholic Family Center, as we strive to support families going through their own personal storms. Please accept my thanks, and feel free to contact me with any thoughts you might have on the work that we do on your behalf.
In gratitude, and with a prayer that any rain coming your way is a beautiful shower, I remain yours faithfully,
Marlene Bessette
The highlight of our Annual Meeting is always the scholarships…
Scholarship Award Winners
While the primary purpose of our Annual Meeting is to review our 2016 client program activities and financial performance, the most heartwarming moment is often the scholarship awards given to very impressive high school graduates who came through our agency as unaccompanied refugee minors. Read more about each of our winners here
We are so pleased to announce the release of our 2016 Catholic Family Center Annual Report, detailing all the good that YOU have made possible. You may read and download it here. Thank you for allowing us to be your hands in this sacred work.
If you, or someone you love, require some assistance to stay independent at home, Catholic Family Center has two programs that may be of great benefit: Support to Aging Residents (STAR) provides transportation, grocery shopping, help with chores and home maintenance, and Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly (EISEP) provides skilled case management and services such as housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and personal care including bathing, dressing & grooming. Some services are available as a subsized service (no-cost) or for a fee based on income. Visit or call (585) 262-7050 (STAR) or (585) 262-7060 (EISEP) to find out more.

“Linda has helped both my mother-in-law and myself/caregiver with transportation, services, housing, how to transfer finances, what to look for in housing…and HOPE. Thank you.”
Join us on Monday, August 14 at Irondequoit Country Club for a day of sun and fun to benefit the vital programs at Catholic Family Center. A limited number of sponsorships are still available, and while we do have a few more foursome slots, there are just a few, so reserve your group soon!
Catholic Family Center’s Restart Outpatient Clinic is open for business at 79 North Clinton
We are so pleased to open the doors of our new facility at 79 North Clinton Avenue to the clients of our Restart Substance Use Program. This facility was donated to CFC by the Max Farash Foundation in 2002, and renovated with over $8 Million of support from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).
We thought you’d enjoy a trip down memory lane, in these before-and-after photos...who else remembers the RKO Palace?
Catholic Family Center’s Restart Outpatient Clinic is open for business at 79 North Clinton
If generosity of spirit is a mark of patriotism, then this local boy is as patriotic as it comes. CFC had the honor of facilitating this 5 year old boy’s wish to gift his birthday to a refugee family with children.
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