Our Online Cybersecurity Series for Students Continues - Please Join Us!
Our Online Cybersecurity Series for Students Continues - Please Join Us!
Dear Friend ~ Welcome to a special edition of the NCMF Web Link e-newsletter featuring information about our online CCEI Cybersecurity Series of #CyberChats - perfect for students, parents, and teachers. Our chats are presented by cyber professionals eager to share their experiences and knowledge with the K-12 audience.
We hope you will take a look below at the upcoming #CyberChats and consider signing up to attend the live sessions or watch for the recordings to become available. Please SHARE this email with others who may be interested in this opportunity to learn about cybersecurity via the virtual classroom. You can easily forward this email via the Share This Email options at the end of this email. And stay tuned to our website as new Chats are added on an ongoing basis.
Please also see below for information about becoming a presenter.
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CCEI Cybersecurity Series
Upcoming #CyberChats
The following Cybersecurity Chats are part of the CCEI Cybersecurity Series and focus on particular topics related to the 
"Big Ideas" featured in the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines. *Stay tuned as new Chats are added often.
Click on the "Learn More" links below for details and to sign up to attend the live sessions. Recordings will be available at a later date.

29 May 2020, 10am EST: Ethics & Trust in Cybersecurity

Taylor Ownbey of Capitol Technology University will discuss ethical concepts in cybersecurity, as well as how trust is earned in the field. Topics will include the real world impact of cybersecurity, the CIA triad, and more. She will discuss her work experience and how she prepared for her career. Learn More.

1 June 2020, 4pm EST: Trust & Ethics in Cybersecurity

Blair Banker of Purdue University will present a broad introduction to Cybersecurity Ethics along with personal work experiences. Topics will include real-world cybersecurity impacts, the hacker manifesto, and different types of hackers. Learn More.

2 June 2020, 12pm EST: Applying the Megacommunities Concept to Cybersecurity

Mark Gerencser of UMUC Ventures will introduce the 'megacommunity' concept, a framework for reaching solutions to today's complex problems. The session will explore how 'megacommunity’ principles can be applied to cybersecurity. Learn More.

3 June 2020, 4pm EST: Why Cybersecurity Matters to Your Business

Christopher Roberti of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in any business. The Chamber helps organizations to better understand and manage cybersecurity risk - especially important as we see more internet-based attacks on businesses. Learn More.

4 June 2020, 2pm EST: Cybersecurity Principles & Career Experiences from the "Queen of Codes"

Eileen Buckholtz of Technology Concepts will introduce students to the Queens of Code - the National Security Agency’s computing women, and how they contributed to early technology development and national defense. She will be joined by a fellow Queen of Codes, Maureen McHugh. Eileen will relate stories to "Code Girls" and "Hidden Figures," and how their mission and technology provided critical information to key decision makers. Learn More.

8 June 2020, 2pm EST: Launch Your Cyber Career with a Registered Apprenticeship

Bridget Brown, Director of Workforce Innovations with ICF, will provide an overview of a cybersecurity apprenticeship and the unique benefits that it offers to students. Learn More.

9 June 2020, 2pm EST: Women in Vulnerability Research and Reverse Engineering

Teresa Shea of Raytheon Technologies will present a broad introduction of vulnerability research and reverse engineering in cybersecurity and share personal work experiences. Her presentation will address questions such as "What is a typical day in the life of a cyber professional?" Learn More.

10 June 2020, 2pm EST: Being a Skeptic with Finesse, Becoming a Red Teamer.

Wade Forbes will discuss how to set the right conditions within your organization to offer adversarial thinking, unorthodox ideas, and alternative analysis. He will explore the different meanings of red teaming and how to position yourself to get your ideas heard. Learn More.

11 June 2020, 2pm EST: Cybersecurity Principles & Careers – Pre-Queens of Code Panel Discussion

Four early Queens of Code who were technology pioneers and worked for the National Security Agency share what inspired them to pursue non-traditional technical careers, as well as some of their early experiences with computers and technology. Dr. Nancy Welker, Kathy Jackson, Monna Nabers, and Eileen Buckholtz will participate in the discussion. Learn More.

12 June 2020, 2pm EST: Why Do We Need Women in STEM?

Laura Nelson, President & CEO of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, will encourage and explore different STEM opportunities, for girls, (as well as boys). She will also share some of her experiences as an engineer in a male-dominated career field. Learn More.
Present a Virtual Cybersecurity Chat
With more people working from home and taking classes online, this is an important time to raise awareness among students about the world of cyber and its vitally needed career opportunities. The NCMF's Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) invites you to join us in providing cyber education to K-12 students across the country. You can share about your cyber career or expertise via a 30 minute Cybersecurity Chat. All you need is a computer with a camera. Click the button below to learn more and sign up today.
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