A View from the Board
The seasonal changes are upon us!
Likewise, we have many exciting changes taking place in our organization. Recently we gathered to share appreciation for three of our beloved, long-time employees and friends. Suzie Mathews, Rich Meyers and Pam Britton have or will be departing our organization shortly - all for very different, yet exciting reasons. Suzie is settling in to a new position, Rich is retiring and Pam is moving to her dream home in Utah. We have been so lucky to have had these individuals working for and representing RVR!
As a result of these changes, we’ve welcomed Brenda Boas to the Finance Department, and she is doing amazing in her first few months on the job. We are in process of announcing a replacement for Pam, and we continue to assess General Manager and Outside Services candidates. I will continue to keep you updated on our progress as these changes occur.
Lastly, we are entering budget season. We are in the process of completing a budget that we hope will not change our monthly fees. However, as many of you know, the cost pressures in this valley are real and challenging, and we will continue to work hard in all of our best interests to get the best level of service for the best price. To date, I think we’ve done an excellent job with that.
So as you can imagine, the board and the staff have been extremely busy with this workload. I can’t thank my fellow board members and all of our staff enough as they are working so hard and approaching these changes and challenges with excitement and dedication.
Again, I thank you for your support and encouragement. Some of your personal comments to the board and to me have been so positive and thankful. You are all incredible.
As I will continue to say, you all make this wonderful community what it is!
Scott Darling
RVRMA Board President
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