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Hi folks!

Thank you all so very much for your lovely messages in response to my last newsletter. They mean the world to me, and I am beyond grateful to have such wonderful readers! 
When Nïx the Ever Knowing predicted that we'd have a MUNRO update this month, she was right! Our official release date is . . . drumroll . . . January 25, 2022. (It might drop earlier than that, but for now, we're playing it safe with the date :)
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Q & A:

When is the next Arcana book coming out?
FROM THE GRAVE is up next in the rotation, and we're hoping for a Spring 2022 release date. Thank you for your patience!
Will Nïx make an appearance in MUNRO?
The Ever-Knowing One features prominently in Munro's book, and we'll get several glimpses into her complex and beautiful mind. She wanted me to pass this on to you guys: 
"So, my mortal loves, back I go to my recruitment drive. My Accession army isn’t yet ready—have you ever tried to play Moneyball with immortals?—but it will be soon. It must be. In the meantime, you’ll learn Munro’s future in the next few months. For nine centuries, he’s dreamed of finding his mate. Careful what you wish for, wolf. Kereny's tongue is as sharp as her blade. . . ."
Will any other characters make a cameo?
A ton! All the Lykae you'd expect will be getting page time, plus, Lothaire, Ellie, Balery, Loa, Kristoff, Desh, Ember, Portia, some baby witches, and, of course, Bertil. Also, a huge SURPRISE character is in store for you!
Thank you again, my lovely friends. Until next time, all my warmest hugs to you and yours,  
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