The Farmington Hills Police Department has partnered with the University of Michigan-Dearborn to take advantage of the University’s Community Service Personnel Scholarship program. [more]
(pictured above: Farmington Hills Police Chief Charles Nebus, Asst. Chief Daniel Rodriguez, and UM-Dearborn Criminology and Criminal Justice Director Dr. Donald Shelton)
Dr. Juliette Roddy is the new Director of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Master's degree program and the 4+1 program.  Roddy has been with the University since 2005, with assignments in the Masters in Public Policy program, Health and Human Services and Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Roddy’s research area is substance use and misuse, as well as incarceration and re-entry.  She teaches CRJ 415/515: Restorative Justice for the CCJ programs.  Dr. Roddy advises the Master’s degree students.  Stop by and see her in 1120 SSB if you are interested in the new Master’s degree and are in need of advising.
Rewards of an Internship
"Interning at Elsharnoby and Associates law firm during the spring/summer semester of 2017 was the greatest three months I have ever experienced. Not only did I intern with the best, but I also learned so many things. Working on family law cases and dealing with clients who needed legal help, was such a great experience for me because it finally made me realize what I really want to do in my life, which is to become a great lawyer in addition to building my way up to become a Judge.
"After this great experience, I came to realize that family law will be one of my specialties. To all future students who take this internship class, I encourage you all to use this opportunity very wisely and remember that the harder you work, the more you learn. Never give up, because at the end of the day, if we all take advantage of the various opportunities our amazing country provides for us, we will see the light of success, because after all, this country is the land of opportunities." – Said H. Bazzi

Welcome New Lecturers

Richard Johnson is currently the Director of Research and Academics with the Dolan consulting Group, LLC, a public safety consulting firm. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, he was a tenured faculty member at the University of Toledo, leaving at the rank of full professor.   Dr. Johnson earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University, his masters degree from Indiana State University, and his doctorate in criminal justices from the University of Cincinnati.  To date, he has authored 50 research articles in peer-reviewed academic journals.  His research has primarily focused on the psychology of police-citizen interactions, effective strategies for police field supervision, and effective interventions for domestic violence.  Dr. Johnson has served as a police office (patrol officer and detective) and as a probation officer.  He is teaching CRJ 200: Introduction to Criminal Justice this winter.
Austin Kocher is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University Department of Geography. Kocher is a political and legal geographer, who focuses on immigration law, policing, deportation, and immigrant rights movements. His dissertation project, titled ‘Notice to Appear: Immigration Courts and the Legal Production of Immigrant Illegality’ focused on the contingent juridical processes and human labor that goes into creating populations of deportable immigrants in the United States.  Dr. Kocher is teaching CRJ 417: Crimmigration: Intersections of Immigration and CRJ 468: Criminal Justice and Criminology this fall.
Perfect Score!!
Congratulations to Jacob Arft and Leo Sullivan for receiving a perfect score on their Understanding Society mid-term examination during the summer 2017 semester. Students earning a score of 100 percent on any examination in Professor Kevin Early's class may receive either a restaurant dinner for two or a cash award.
alumni news
University of Versailles' students to attend CCJ summer internship
UM-Dearborn is partnering with the University of Versailles in France as part of our Global Initiative. The first step in that new partnership will take place this summer in CCJ. Two Versailles students will be attending UM-Dearborn and will be enrolled in our CRJ 478 Internship class. They will be participating in a judicial internship with Third Circuit Judge,  and faculty member, Hon. Annette Berry. They will also be taking Judge Berry’s Criminal Law class during the second summer session.  A warm welcome is extended to our two visiting students, Clara Lydie Gosset and Clara Charlotin!
Master's Degree and 4+1 program news
Undergraduate students who enroll in the new 4+1 program have the opportunity to earn 15 credits (up to 5 courses) toward their Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  The MS in CCJ degree is a 33-34 credit degree and 4+1 students can complete the degree one year after graduating with their Bachelor’s degree.  Students who are entering their junior year and considering their Master’s degree options should contact Dr. Juliette Roddy, Director of CCJ Graduate Studies. 
Check the internship webpage for important dates and information.
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