Meet Dean Lee, Tips for Resiliency, Matriculation Day Photos
Meet Dean Lee, Tips for Resiliency, Matriculation Day Photos
Tufts Student Life
September 23, 2022
Dear Parents and Families,
I hope the semester is off to a great start for your Jumbos!
I am delighted to have joined the Tufts community earlier this year as the first Family Engagement Manager in Student Affairs. During the spring and summer, I had a chance to connect with many incoming parents and families leading up to Matriculation Day. I look forward to partnering with all of you and hope to see you at Parents and Family Weekend, October 21 – 22.
In the meantime, please enjoy the first Tufts Parents and Families (TPF) Newsletter of the 2022–2023 academic year. This edition's feature interview is with Dean of the School of Engineering Kyongbum Lee. Our regular columns Academic Happenings and Career Corner are back, thanks to our campus partner contributors.This year, we will also be highlighting content from Tufts Now—the latest news from campus.
Wishing you a happy first week of fall,
Carole McFall
Family Engagement Manager, AS&E
Kyongbum Lee

Meet New Dean of the School of Engineering Kyongbum Lee

Kyongbum Lee has a long history at Tufts that has shaped his perspective and love for the university. Exactly 20 years ago, he joined the Chemical and Biological Engineering department as an assistant professor. Dean Lee became the chair of the department in 2012. Prior to being named Dean of the School of Engineering and Karol Family Professor in July, he served as the dean ad interim.
Dean Lee's long tenure at Tufts has helped him to "get to know the place and appreciate the core values and culture of the institution. That's what I love about Tufts. I think that is directly relevant to my current role. It helps to know the place you're trying to lead. I feel like I know the things that are important to the students, the staff, and faculty at the School of Engineering, and that really shapes the values and culture that I identify with and that I want to continue to nurture and shape," he said. 
Dean Lee described Tufts students and the culture at Tufts as collaborative, civic-minded, and entrepreneurial, with the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life and the Derby Entrepreneurship Center within the School of Engineering's Tufts Gordon Institute as prime examples. "Our students really want to be involved with and take action on the societal issues of today that they feel strongly about," he said. Additionally, "students have the courage to try something new. They like to see ideas become reality and have some sort of impact on the needs of society."
In his new role, Dean Lee is committed to Tufts' mission of being a student-centered research university. "It's a really unique and amazing opportunity for undergrad students to be able to work directly with those faculty who are leaders in their field, and nationally and internationally recognized experts," he said.
Dean Lee wants to ensure that any student who wants a mentor experience can find someone to work with. He plans to achieve this goal by recruiting more excellent faculty members from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences who also support this vision. "Long-term, I think students should expect that professors who teach them and mentor them reflect the increasing diversity of the student body," Dean Lee said. Additionally, he wants to engage more local industry to bring different voices to campus and give students opportunities to work on real-world problems.
In addition to the faculty, Dean Lee works closely with and supports the staff in student-facing departments. As a parent of a college student and a high school student, he said, "I want to assure families that I'm doing everything I can to ensure that their students feel supported and looked after much the way I expect my son to be looked after and taken care of. I know how important it is to get a sense that the school cares how they're doing, and we absolutely do. Tufts is very committed to the wellbeing of our students."
Dean of the School of Engineering Kyongbum Lee talking to parents and families from a podium on the Tisch Library roof
Dean Lee addresses parents and families on Matriculation Day, August 31, 2022.
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Career Corner: Conversations with the Tufts Career Center

Help Your Student Build Resiliency

Whether it’s a low score on an exam or a job/internship rejection, college setbacks go hand-in-hand with developing resiliency. Here are 4 tips to support your student:
  • Be realistic, yet keep the conversation upbeat. Remind them of their talents and skills and help them stay focused on the "big picture." Identify times when they’ve demonstrated resilience; can they apply similar strategies here?
  • Invite honesty and openness. If students fear they will disappoint you/others, you may not hear what's on their minds. Your attitude and expectations set the tone.
  • Use open-ended questions. "Tell me about …," "What are your thoughts on …?"
  • Resist the urge to intervene. Allowing students to face smaller stressors independently will strengthen resiliency for the future (broadly referred to as stress inoculation theory, i.e., one is better able to adapt to stressors with prior experience).
What's Happening Academically?
When a student enters college, it is a transition for everyone involved. One of the most significant shifts is in the role of the student’s parent/guardian. In high school, parents often managed a student’s educational challenges. Here, we encourage parents/guardians to see themselves as coaches. Families are essential for guidance and wisdom but we expect students to take charge of their education. Advising Deans are always happy to speak to parents/guardians but we want your student to be involved in these conversations. Ultimately, they are making the decisions about their academic paths, so please encourage them to reach out to their Advising Dean or the Senior Academic Advisors if they have any questions.
Being aware of deadlines can also help you support your students. You can find this information on the Academic Calendar. Please encourage your students to review this calendar each semester. It is just one way students are informed of deadlines. Students should also now be using their Tufts email as their primary method of communication and checking every day to ensure they are informed of important deadlines, policies, and workshops. They are responsible for information conveyed through messages send to them from our office.
We are connecting with your students in many ways already and are excited to continue our work with them this year!

Matriculation Day 2022 Photos 

Matriculation Day 2022 families on Main lawn
Matriculation Day 2022 Spanish and Portuguese Luncheon
Matriculation Day 2022 Family photos in front of Jumbo
Matriculation Day 2022 Dean of Student Camille Lizzirabar
Matriculation Day - parents and student in front of Tufts step and repeat

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Parents and Family Weekend

October 2122
Class of 2023 parents: Senior Portraits will begin on Monday, October 10. Students can now sign up for their free portrait sitting.


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