Newsletter #1
Newsletter #1
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Helping You Find Your Off Campus Rental 

This newsletter is the first in a series of several that will offer advice to students looking to find off campus housing. Newsletters will be sent out on a weekly basis and walk students through the timeline of rental process.
This week students should be focused on determining what environment is best for them as well as whether or not this environment includes roommates. Students can then begin to set up showings in July, with these preferences in mind to have a lease signed by August.  
In this newsletter you will find:

What Does the Neighborhood

Housing Office Do?

  • Provides advice on living off campus and the rental process
  • Background checks landlords and rental properties
  • Helps students if they have issues with their landlords
  • Creates programs and events that help students learn about living off campus and helps the UWM community
The Neighborhood Housing Office does not
  • Own any properties
  • Employ any landlords or rental companies
  • Assign apartments, rooms, or roommates 
  • Review leases
  • Give any legal advice 

Key Rental Terms to Know

Renting for the first time can be scary, familarize yourself with these terms to help make the process less stressful. 
  • Rental unit: Used to describe a place where someone lives but does not own.
  • Rental company: Person or entity that owns the building being rented.
  • Landlord: The person in charge of a rental unit.
  • Lease: A legal document that is signed in an agreement to live in a rental unit and to pay the full amount of rent every month for the length of the lease. Remember that you cannot back out of a lease once it is signed.
  • Security deposit: Money paid upon move in to cover any damages that may have occurred while living in the rental unit. This is completely refunded if no damages are observed upon move out
More terms can be found on the Neighborhood Housing Office's website. 

The University Legal Clinic

The University Legal Clinic is a free resource to all UWM students. The Legal Clinic can provide you with any legal advice you might need during the rental process as well as look over the lease for anywhere you might want to live.

Sign Up for the Preferred Tenant Program

The Preferred Tenant Program is a free and self-paced, rental education course offered online through Canvas. Learn everything you need to know about renting in the City of Milwaukee while also receiving discounts on rent. Particpating landlords will offer either $250 off of the security deposit or 2% off of the monthly rent to students who have completed the program. 

Tell us When You're Moving Out and In

Help the Neighborhood Housing Office by letting us know when you plan to move out of and move into your off campus residence. This allows us to adapt our resources to your needs. 

Connect With Us During Orientation

Connect with the Neighborhood Housing Office during orientation through our live session presentations. Learn additional information about renting and living off campus and ask any questions you may have. The next live session will take place Monday, June 29 at 10 a.m.

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