September 8, 2022
CASL PBL Updates
Dear CASL Colleagues,
The purpose of this message is to share several items pertaining to CASL Practice-Based Learning (PBL). However, before getting to that, I want to take a moment to express an appreciation for all that CASL faculty and staff do to contribute to the College and campus. Although the focus has been on PBL these past few semesters, this does not detract from the many ways in which faculty and staff contribute to the mission of the College. 
At the moment our approach to PBL may seem rather narrow - like a closed umbrella - with a strong focus on the curriculum. This is to provide both a clear starting point and a strong base for the initiative. Once the curriculum piece is in place, there will be many opportunities to include much of what we do for students under a wide open PBL umbrella. 
For those who believe that their work does not easily fit under that umbrella, please be assured that we understand that there are many ways for faculty and staff to show excellence; that there is no one way to contribute. Our diversity of faculty, staff, and programs contributes to the complex, vibrant, and dynamic College that we are. PBL is simply one way to harness what we do and communicate it to students, employers, alumni, and donors.

Below are items pertaining to CASL PBL
  1. There is a CASL Student Engagement Event on Thursday, September 29 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in Kochoff Hall. The event is designed to introduce students to the four CASL themes and to promote student engagement in PBL courses, faculty-student research, student organizations, internships, and study abroad. Here is the invitation to the event. Please share this with your students and encourage them to attend. 

  2. We have developed a Student PBL Information Sheet. Students will begin to see PBL described in the course catalog and listed as a course attribute. This sheet may be useful for faculty and staff when discussing PBL with students. 

  3. I regularly receive ideas regarding ways for faculty to actively engage students in their courses. Here is a google document that lists ideas from faculty for faculty. I will update this document as ideas are sent to me. There are some terrific opportunities currently listed there. 

  4. Program coordinators should begin working with faculty to determine which courses contain PBL and at what level. Here are the learning outcomes and definition of PBL to guide you. Once this is determined, program coordinators will designate their courses in CIM as PBL courses. During these program level discussions, faculty should also determine which courses (if any) they would like to target for development into PBL courses. I will be providing a reporting sheet to program coordinators very soon for use in communicating current and future PBL courses and levels to the Dean’s Office (ideally by December 9th). Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this request. Here is a short video describing PBL levels and how to determine this for courses. 

Thank you for all that you do for our students, our programs, and for CASL. It is so very appreciated! Should you have questions please contact me.
Marie Waung
CASL Associate Dean

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