Check out our array of services and solutions to keep your business moving
Check out our array of services and solutions to keep your business moving


Check out all there is to know about our bar coding solutions in our new solutions overview brochure.

We're more than just hardware and services. We specialize in turning your warehouse, RFID and network challenges into triumphs!
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Honeywell Trade-In Offer Ends December 31st!

Hurry!  Time is running out to trade in and trade up!
You could earn a rebate of up to $625 when you trade-in your old bar code label printer and choose a new Honeywell printer instead.

Get all the details here.

New Barcom Website Coming Soon!

To continue celebrating 25 years in business, we're refreshing our website to bring you lots of great resources to support your technology research, application challenges, and access to services and solutions to help you grow your business.

  • Monthly Blog Articles and Industry News Updates
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Services and Solution Datasheets
  • Application-Specific Solution Recommendations
And the work continues in 2017 to bring you more resources and valuable information to keep you ahead of the competition.  Stay tuned to see what's new!

Planning Year-End Inventory? 

For short-term use, consider equipment rental.

Save money and make the process easier with data collection equipment you can count on. Renting our 'nearly new' devices means you're getting the latest software updates and properly maintained equipment you can rely on for peak season, inventory counts, and more.  

Don't let device failures slow you down.  Contact us today to make sure you have everything you need.

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