Dec. 3, 2020
Dear Parents,
The Montgomery County Health Office has chosen not to extend the period during which all schools in the county are required to teach virtually. Therefore, we are reopening Haverford to in-person learning for all boys who wish to and are able to learn in-person resuming at the normal time on Monday, Dec. 7
The Haverford School has been blessedly fortunate to have seen only ten confirmed cases of COVID-19 since school began almost three months ago. Three Upper School students, four Middle School students, one Lower School student, and two faculty members have been confirmed positive, with no confirmed or suspected cases of transmission on campus. Our experience mirrors that of other schools worldwide that follow best practice health protocols:  schools are not vectors for transmission on campus.
Nonetheless, the current increase in cases in our community is deeply troubling. The choices each of us make will help determine whether we are able to continue in-person education until Winter Break and into the New Year. We implore each of you to err on the side of caution and to do everything in your power to give the boys the opportunity to continue to learn in-person.

In order to safeguard in-person learning to the maximum extent possible, we will not begin winter Upper School sports practices at this time. This is a hard blow to our winter athletes, but given Delaware County’s prohibition on extracurricular activities, and our desire to prioritize in-person learning, this seems the prudent decision at this time. We will continue to monitor community health indications in the wake of the Thanksgiving holiday and will be in touch soon with further information on this subject. 
In preparation for the resumption of in-person learning, we ask that you again begin monitoring your son’s health daily using the Magnus Health App and that he remains home if he is experiencing any symptoms of illness. Guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Health regarding COVID-19 were updated on Nov. 25. They require that those over age 11 who leave Pennsylvania for more than 24 hours produce a negative test within 72 hours of returning to the Commonwealth, or quarantine for 14 days after returning to the Commonwealth. Please read this new guidance carefully - we expect that you will comply with these instructions for the health and safety of our faculty and staff, the other boys, and their families. Our faculty chose not to travel over the Thanksgiving break in order to be able to teach your boys in-person next week; if your family chose otherwise, please follow the Commonwealth’s instructions to the letter before returning your son to school.
If your son is returning to in-person learning next week, it is essential that all Chromebooks and devices borrowed from the School must return to school with him.
Please continue to wear your mask, stay home, keep your circle small, and wash your hands.  Together, we can make a difference and keep each other safe.

Go Fords!
John A. Nagl, D.Phil.
Ninth Head of School
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