Jump back into learning - with a bit of a twist!
Jump back into learning - with a bit of a twist!
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Welcome Back to Classes HRM Students!

I hope this message finds each of you safe and well (wherever you are planning to finish) this Spring Semester! We are all facing several weeks of university life which none of us has ever experienced. I want to reassure all of our students that the faculty and staff have been hard at work redesigning their instructional and communication plans to deliver an exceptional educational experience for you.

By now, you should all have received information from your professors detailing how to reach them, their availability, and office hours. We are all dedicated to your academic success. I also want to share with you the tremendous amount of support, which is available to you through the Department, College, and University. Changes such as we are experiencing which are sudden and substantial can be difficult at times for anyone of us to manage. In this newsletter, we are providing links and information, which we hope will be beneficial should you find you need that additional support. 

As a final note, I prefer that we consider this a virtual experience not a remote experience. We all continue to be part of the TTU family, which lives on well beyond our campus here in Lubbock. So let’s stay close for the balance of the semester while we work together virtually. As is always my policy, my door albeit virtual for the time being, is always open to you. Stay safe and well.

Robert Paul Jones, Ph.D.
Department Chairperson, Hospitality and Retail Management


Emails Are Your Friend!

Emailing has quickly become our main form of communication. Expect frequent updates from the university, department, and instructor levels. Although it can be easy to disregard an email or not read it thoroughly, it is vital to your success that you pay close attention to the details of each email. Have a question about a course? Send your professor a quick email - but don't forget to practice good netiquette.

Resources for Online Learning

Transition into online learning as smoothly as possible by utilizing the resources below.

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Color Away Your Stress!

Download these coloring pages from CBS to relieve stress and pass some time. Don't forget to support your favorite local businesses and practice social distancing.
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