TDSB Chair's Newsletter

Volume 10 - July 2017


Update on the Passing of Jeremiah Perry
The Toronto District School Board is still in the early stages of its investigation into the tragic drowning of Jeremiah Perry in Algonquin Park. We continue to support Jeremiah’s parents in any way we can at this tremendously difficult time. The Office of the Chief Coroner and the Ontario Provincial Police are also continuing their investigations. Read Director John Malloy’s statement

TDSB Appoints Associate Director of Education
The TDSB welcomes Carlene Jackson, who has been appointed Associate Director, Operations and Service Excellence for the Board. A Chartered Professional Accountant, Ms. Jackson is currently the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Executive Superintendent of Business Services for the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Learn more
Our profound thanks to Associate Director, Finance and Operations, Carla Kisko and Associate Director, Facilities, Sustainability and Employee Services, Angelos Bacopoulos, who are retiring this summer.  
Director's Message on Equity
This week, Director of Education John Malloy shared an update about work that was done this year to improve achievement and well-being for each and every student in the TDSB. Read the equity update.

Improving Access to School Bus Information for Toronto Parents
TDSB parents/guardians with children who are transported by school buses can now access their children’s transportation information online and receive email notifications if there are any school bus cancellations or delays, thanks to the launch of a new online transportation portal. For more information and to register for the new services, please visit and select “Parents” from the top right hand corner of the screen. Created by the Toronto Student Transportation Group, which oversees bussing for the TDSB, the portal is one of several improvements being made to transportation services to ensure an effective start to the 2017-18 school year.
June Declared National Aboriginal History Month

In a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees, June has been established National Aboriginal History Month at the TDSB. During the month of June, people across the country mark National Aboriginal History Month in recognition of the rights, histories and extraordinary achievements of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Each year, the TDSB also marks National Aboriginal Day on June 21, as well as Aboriginal Education Month throughout November. Learn moreRead the Board decision (page 10).
Student Nutrition Day Declared

Starting in the 2017-18 school year, the TDSB will mark Student Nutrition Day. This day will occur during Feed Tomorrow Week, October 16-20, 2017. Read the Board decision (page 6).  
XOTO to Provide Students with Opportunities in Film Industry

An agreement between the TDSB and the City of Toronto to participate in the XOTO initiative will facilitate film, television and new media productions in Toronto for the purpose of creating program opportunities for students aligned with this sector. Read the Board decision (page 9).
School Year Calendar
The first day of school for the 2017-18 school year is Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Take a look at next year’s School Year Calendar for all of the important dates and holidays.
TDSB Summer Programs
TDSB offers high quality summer programming for children, youth and adults in locations across the city. Learn more.
Heritage Months and Celebrations at the TDSB
In June, the TDSB marks many important events:
  • National Aboriginal History Month recognizes the rights, histories and extraordinary achievements of Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Italian Heritage Month celebrates the spirited culture and traditions of the Italian community with students, staff and community members.
  • Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month provides an opportunity to share the vibrant culture and traditions of the Portuguese-speaking diaspora.
  • Pride Month celebrates the diversity and raises awareness about the rich culture and history of the LGBTQ community.


Review of the School Resource Officer Program
The Board has directed staff to present a report that outlines a detailed plan for how a system-wide review of the School Resource Officer program will be carried out. Read the Board decision (page 20).
Grants for Student Needs Funding Needed for Accessibility

For the TDSB to upgrade and improve the accessibility of all schools and facilities to fully meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act, the Chair of the Board is advocating for additional funding from the Minister of Education. Read the Board decision (page 5).
TDSB to Establish Task Force on Traffic Safety in School Zones

A task force on traffic safety in school zones is set to be established at the Board. This group, which will be comprised of TDSB Trustees and staff, as well as City of Toronto Councillors and potentially members of co-terminus school boards. Read the Board decision (page 8). The City of Toronto’s City-School Boards Advisory Committee will present this initiative to City Council. Read the Board decision (page 1).
Survey of Before- and After-School Programs
A survey will be conducted of all TDSB child care sites with before- and after-school programs to measure the impact of split shifts on programming, including in terms of expansion, stability and quality. Read the Board decision (page 6).
Cordella JPS, Rockcliffe MS and Scarlett Heights to be Closed
Based on a Pupil Accommodation Review, the Board decided that the following schools be closed Cordella Junior Public School, Rockcliffe Middle School and Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy. Learn more by reading the Board decisions (pages 14-16). Closing these schools was a difficult decision and staff are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. Find out more about current Pupil Accommodation Review Committee (PARCs) processes and the TDSB's long term strategy.
Funds for Playground Improvements

The Board has received funds from the City of Toronto for playground improvements at Chester Elementary School, Allenby Junior Public School, John Wanless Junior Public School, Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School and Valley Park Middle School, and to improve the parkette at Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School. Read the Board decisions (pages 11-12).
Pupil Accommodation Reviews and Other School Changes

Pupil Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) processes and other changes to schools have occurred in multiple areas of the city:

  • PARC for Gordon A. Brown Middle School, O'Connor Public School, Presteign Heights Elementary School, Selwyn Elementary School and Victoria Park Elementary School read the Board decision (page 5).
  • PARC for Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School, Guildwood Junior Pub-lic School, Jack Miner Senior Public School and Poplar Road Junior Public School read the Board decisions (pages 14-16).
  • Attendance Boundary Review for Avondale Public School, Bayview Middle School, Cummer Valley Middle School, Finch Public School, Hollywood Public School, Lillian Public School and McKee Public School read the Board decision (page 17).
  • Program Area Review for Church Street Junior Public School and Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School read the Board decision (page 19).
  • Program Area Review for Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School, Rosedale Junior Public School and Whitney Junior Public School read the Board decision (page 19).
  • Program Area Review for Brown Junior Public School and Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School 
    read the Board decision (page 19).
Construction Agreement Brings Funds to Stanley Public School

Through a construction agreement with the City of Toronto, renovations to create a child care centre at Stanley Public School will be funded for $3.9 million. Read the Board decision (page 12).
Canadian National Railway Lands to be Leased to City

The Board has authorized a parcel of land situated on the Canadian National Railway Lands to be leased to the City of Toronto. As part of the agreement, the provincial land transfer tax will be used to fund the building of a school in that area. Read the Board decision (page 5). This new school will be named Jean Lumb Public School. Read the Board decision (page 5).
Update on Student Accommodation at Davisville PS
In order to meet the accommodation needs of students at Davisville Public School, the Board decided to declare 0.452 acres of land surplus for lease. This agreement with the City of Toronto would include a commitment to provide $6.807 million in grants for an expanded gymnasium, underground parking and other spaces. Read the Board decision (page 4).
Warden Avenue Public School Renamed

Warden Avenue Public School has been renamed Taylor Creek Public School. Read the Board decision (page 20).
Black Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee Recommendations for Safe and Caring Schools
Recommendations made by the Black Student Achievement Advisory Committee for Safe and Caring Schools have been referred to staff. For more information, read the Board decision (page 5).
Special Education Advisory Committee Recommendations for Inclusion Strategy

Recommendations made by the Special Education Advisory Committee around the TDSB's Inclusion Strategy have been referred to staff. For more information, read the Board decision (page 4).
Annual Child Care Report

Based on the Annual Child Care Report, the Board made a number of decisions including to undertake an analysis of the factors impacting parent interest in before- and after-school programs, to urge the City of Toronto and the Ministry of Education to develop effective strategies for managing child care lease costs in schools and increase school-age fee subsidies, and more. Read the Board decision (page 7).
Reports Undertaken on Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention 
Staff have been directed to develop reports on substance abuse, addictions and related behaviours and a suicide prevention protocol. Read the Board decisions (page 9).
Update on Centres of Innovation for Skills and Technologies

Early in the new school year, staff will present a report on the implementation of Centres of Innovation for Skills and Technologies. Read the Board decision (page 9).
Review of World Maps in Classrooms
To promote critical thinking and enhance equity, the Board has asked for a staff report on the use, variety, and presence of world map projections in the elementary and secondary education. Read the Board decision (page 4).
Policy Direction Regarding Refusal to Admit

In order to ensure transparency and accountability in situations where students are refused admittance into a school, the Board has asked that policy directions be developed and incorporated into the TDSB's existing policies. Read the Board decision (page 4).
Learning about Occasional Teachers in Secondary School
In collaboration with the Toronto School Administrators’ Association, the TDSB is developing a plan to educate students, at the beginning of each school year, about the importance of the role of occasional teachers in the classroom.  Read the Board decision (page 4).
Defining Community Hubs

The Board has asked for a report that defines the concept of community hubs at the TDSB, which will include information about organizational levels, objectives and historical relations to a particular site. Read the Board decision (page 5). 
Chair Reappointed to the Toronto Lands Corporation

The Honourable David Crombie, has been reappointed to the position of Chair of the Toronto Lands Corporation from September 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018. Read the Board decision (page 1).

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