Announcing $2.62M in new NET research, NETs and COVID vaccines
Announcing $2.62M in new NET research, NETs and COVID vaccines

NETRF Advances Research with Nine New Grants

NETRF is proud to announce $2.62 million in new research grants to advance the search for better treatments for neuroendocrine cancer. With this announcement, we welcome nine researchers to our community of grantees. More than half of the grants will go to research institutions that are new to NETRF, and three are international. The projects address unmet needs in NET research and innovative approaches to improved treatment and diagnosis. (MORE)

NETRF Seeking 2021 Grantees

Submit Letter of Intent by March 8, 2021

NETRF has released its 2021 request for applications. We invite transformative basic, translational, and clinical research applications with the potential to advance our understanding of neuroendocrine tumors and their treatment. Grants range from $100,000 to $1.2 million, with specific awards available for early-career investigators. (MORE)

What you should know about NETs and the COVID vaccines

If you have a NET, you may have questions about whether your tumor and treatment impacts taking or timing a COVID vaccination.  Learn more in this webinar from NORCAL CarciNET about "Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19" featuring Dr. Emily Bergsland and physicians from University of California, San Francisco. 
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network  has also issued COVID vaccine guidance for cancer patients. Read more at the NCCN website. 

Caregivers Share
the Burden of a
NET Diagnosis:
New NETWise Episode

A diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer impacts the person who receives the diagnosis, as well as those they love. A spouse, child, or friend may take on the role of caregiver—a partner to the patient on the NET journey and advocate for their loved one. This episode of NETWise recognizes caregivers’ essential place in the care team. (MORE)

Plus, NETQuiz #15 on SINETs

The small bowel, or the small intestine, is one of the most common places NETs form. Learn more about how small intestine NETs can greatly differ from one another, treatment options, and research in this episode of NETWise.
Then take the LACNETS quiz to test your knowledge of SINETs.

New Year, New Diet?

Many people make a New Year’s resolution to “eat healthy” and for those with neuroendocrine tumors, this can be complicated. It’s a great time to watch this video on nutrition and NETs from Luz Chavez of the University of Chicago, from NETRF’s Know Your NETs patient conference.

NETRF Research Symposium Videos are Online Now

NETRF brought together more than 300 researchers from around the world for our annual Research Symposium in November 2020. The 2020 Virtual Research Symposium’s research sessions, along with all the scientific posters, are now accessible through the NETRF Website. We encourage you to visit and review what’s new in NET research. WATCH NOW

Your Help is Needed to Evaluate an Alternative to Alleviate Severe Diarrhea in NET patients

A research study of a medical food that has previously shown to alleviate diarrhea is now being evaluated in NET patients with severe diarrhea. The study is open and recruiting patients at the University of Kentucky and Vanderbilt University. The clinical trial is evaluating an investigational medical food to determine if it might reduce quality-of-life-limiting diarrhea caused by neuroendocrine tumors. Patients who enroll in this study will be asked to participate for a total of 12 weeks, including three clinic visits. To volunteer or learn more about the study, contact Dr. Lowell Anthony at or Dr. Satya Das at

Grateful for your Support

Together we achieved success in 2020

2020 will be remembered as an unprecedented year with the coronavirus pandemic, the movement for equality and justice for all Americans and a Presidential election that transitioned the White House.  Throughout these challenging times, the NETRF donor community answered the call, collectively donating $3.9 million for promising NET research around the globe. Look at what you and all supporters accomplished for NET research. (MORE)

Setting the Bar for
Family Fundraising

The Mueller and Sells family has faced many obstacles since Katherine Mueller was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. They have pushed forward to help fund research, and they haven’t let a pandemic stand in their way. Read about this top fundraising family’s great success and impact on research. (MORE)

Monthly Giving Adds Up

If you’d like to support NETRF in a way that is easy for you and adds up to a big impact, consider a monthly gift. January is the perfect time to establish your 2021 monthly donation so you can see your gift grow throughout the year. Read more about how and why Erica Roberts began her monthly giving.

Welcome Melissa!

NETRF welcomes Melissa Phillips as our new Director of Communications. Melissa has many years of communications experience in hospitals, hospice, and health policy. She has been an award-winning medical reporter and brings her passion for storytelling to our team. (MORE)
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