Learn more about how you can support your student.
Learn more about how you can support your student.
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Families Update
August 10, 2022
Dear Parents and Families of Incoming Students,
We would like to welcome you to the Tufts community, introduce ourselves, and provide you with resources as your student prepares to join Tufts. Advising Deans are a consistent resource throughout students’ entire experience at Tufts and are assigned based on students’ intended program and by last name.

Academic Advising

In the first year, your students will navigate new academic expectations and policies and build connections to develop their identity in a new community. This can be a difficult transition for many students. We are here to create a space in which students are developing the skills they need for academic success and to become strong self-advocates.
Overall, the relationship between a student and their Advising Dean is a collaborative one and we are best able to assist students when they are taking responsibility for their own academic experience. Your student’s Advising Dean is your primary contact at Tufts for academic questions and concerns. While Advising Deans are limited in the information they can share with you without your student’s permission, we are eager to partner with you and your student to support their transition to Tufts.
Meet the Engineering Advising Team
Meet the Liberal Arts BFA Advising Team
Meet the Liberal Arts BA/BS Advising Team
In addition to an Advising Dean, Liberal Arts BA/BS students and Engineering BS students begin with an assigned pre-major advisor. Then, Liberal Arts BA/BS students select a new faculty advisor and Engineering BS students are assigned a faculty advisor when they declare their major. Liberal Arts students select a major by March 1 of their sophomore year. Engineering students do so by February 15 of their first year. BFA students will be advised by the SMFA Advising Team for the duration of their time in the BFA program.

Course Registration

Liberal Arts BA/BS and Engineering BS first-year students have already been notified of their pre-major advisor assignment. Transfer students in all programs, as well as BFA and Combined Degree students, have been meeting with their advisors since July. All students are required to meet with an advisor to have their registration hold lifted in SIS before course registration. Encourage your student to connect with their advisor if they haven’t done so already. Course registration dates are determined by school and degree program:
  • Liberal Arts BFA and Combined Degree: August 22
  • Engineering BS: August 22
  • Liberal Arts BA/BS: August 24
Advisors will help students identify courses to take for the fall based on their interests and degree requirements. Students are encouraged to identify back-up courses and different versions of their schedule so they can quickly make adjustments during registration.

What's Next?

For parents and families, it can be a big shift as your student moves on to this new phase in their lives, so we serve as a resource to parents as well. We encourage parents and families to speak with their student directly and maintain consistent and positive communications with them.
On August 17 at 7 p.m. EDT, we will host a virtual Meet the Advising Deans parent and family session. Please register to attend. If you miss the session, it will be recorded and posted on the Orientation web page. During the year, you are welcome to connect with your student’s Advising Dean and we will do our best to assist you. Students, parents, and families should allow two business days of response time and trust that we will get back to you to address your questions/concerns.
We are looking forward to welcoming your students to Tufts later this month. In the meantime, please encourage your student to attend virtual and in-person events planned for them later this month and early next month. Students can access the calendar of events through their Academic Essentials site on Canvas.
We hope you can attend next week's Meet the Advising Deans virtual program. For additional parent/family information and welcome programs, visit the Parent and Family page of the Undergraduate Orientation website for other parent/family information and welcome programs happening next week.
Matthew Bellof
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names F-L
Caitlin Casey
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names S–Z & REAL Program
Leah Gadd
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
SMFA, BFA & Combined Degree
Susan Koegel
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names M–R
Tanesha Leathers
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names A–E & Combined Degree
Jennifer Stephan
Dean of Academic Advising
School of Engineering
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