School Board Approves Plan for Staged Transition to Blended Learning Scenario

September 22, 2020

This evening the school board approved a plan for a staged transition from distance learning to blended learning. In returning students in stages—only after determining conditions are safe to do so—we maintain a safe and healthy learning environment while transitioning to in-person learning, where they are best served by our teachers and staff. This plan is paced and deliberate so we can adjust nimbly to the inevitable challenges that will arise from teaching students under social distancing conditions.
The proposed staged transition plan assumes and is contingent upon favorable health and safety conditions, such as a decrease or sustained low-levels of positive COVID-19 cases in Ramsey County, and an absence of other unforeseen negative circumstances. Should conditions improve significantly and a return to fully in-person learning becomes possible, these stages could be combined or accelerated. 

The transition plan

The proposed first stage transitions students who opt-in to the blended learning scenario in kindergarten and first grade on October 12. The second stage includes ECSE, pre-K, second and third grade transitioning on October 26, and grades 4-6 on November 9. The final stage would transition students in the secondary grades beginning the first day of the second trimester, December 7.
Families who do not want their students to transition to blended learning have the option to register for the Roseville Area Schools Distance Learning Academy, our 100% distance learning option. Again, all Roseville Area Schools families will be able to choose a full-time distance learning option for the entire 2020-2021 school year, if that is what is best for your family.

Registration for Distance Learning Academy and blended learning

Last week we asked families with students in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) and kindergarten through grade six to inform us through this survey tool if they want their students to transition to blended learning at their currently enrolled elementary school, or if they prefer to enter the Distance Learning Academy and continue learning from home. If you have not yet registered for a learning model, please do so as soon as possible. Dates for registering students in grades seven through 12 for a learning option will be announced soon.

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