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Learn how health reform impacts HCH and take action in three easy ways.
Learn how health reform impacts HCH and take action in three easy ways.
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Mobilizer: An HCH Action Bulletin of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council
April 27, 2017 | Volume 21, No. 6 | Archives
Keep Up the Pressure to Protect Health & Housing
Congress is back in session after being home for spring break. The #1 priority is to address the budget, but at the same time, the Trump Administration is trying to put health care reform back on the table along with revising the tax code. Widespread advocacy helped protect the Affordable Care Act in March—now we need to continue that advocacy to protect the policies and funding that are critical to serving vulnerable people.
Curious about how health reform and the budget come together to threaten the Health Care for the Homeless community? Check out our recent webinar Health Reform & the HCH Community: What You Need to KNOW, What You Need to DO which provides a concise overview of the issues--and the action items you can be taking.
Here's Why Acting Now Is Important
  • Congress is making big decisions on the budget over the next few months. President Trump’s budget recommendations put funding for many important services on the line. Learn how.
  • The Health Center funding cliff is approaching, and we need to demonstrate the value of our centers NOW! Learn why.
  • Medicaid coverage and expansion remains on the line, especially for vulnerable populations, with many changes expected at the state level. Learn more.
You can find more about these points in our webinar!
The HCH Community Needs to Send a Clear Message
Health Care and Housing Are Human Rights! Protect the progress made under the ACA, continue to expand Medicaid in the states that haven't, and increase funding for affordable housing! Once you review our webinar, here are three easy ways you can Take Action to make a difference:
  • Ask your Senators in Congress to sign the Health Center Funding Letter: learn how at the Health Center Advocacy Network.
Get Involved
  • Sign Up to Meet With Your Elected Officials at our 2017 National HCH Conference in D.C., from June 21-24: it's quick, easy, and no experience is required.
Sign Up Now
  • Join the Indivisible Movement to resist injustice: find resources and get started with a helpful guide.
View the Guide
Next month we will bring you more on the issues. Stay tuned and please share Mobilizer with your networks!
Yours in the fight for Justice,
P.S. Did you engage with your lawmakers this month? Attend a town hall or rally, or have a site visit? Let’s hear about it! Email me or tweet us @NatlHCHCouncil.
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Regina Reed, MPH
National Health Policy Organizer
National HCH Council
Baltimore, MD
(443) 703-1337 
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