"My heart is so open 
i can’t tell 
if it is a gaping wound
or a portal 
for everything that ever was and ever will be”.
Danielle LaPorte

Hello dear ones, 

We are excited to share with you that we will continue to dance on Wednesday with a drop-in online Wednesday morning class for the month of July and August starting tomorrow July 6th. See more below.

And as always, if you are called please reach out to us. We love to hear from you. Know that our door is always open. We are looking forward to the next time we will meet you in life and in the dance.
Breathe. Love. Move. Be gentle. Dance. Repeat. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Reach Out. Notice the movements of a stranger. Send love to the world.
In deep gratitude and love,
Michael & Anneli

Weaving Wonder

Online class Wednesday mornings in July and August 
9:00-10:30am (PDT)

1:00pm New York | Central European Time 18:00 | London 17:00

To weave is to make a complex story or pattern from a number of interconnected elements. During these drop-in Wednesdays (July & August) you will be invited to unwind the habits and constructs that confine and contain your growing edge. Leaning into marvel and curiosity as our allies, let’s reclaim and rework the ever-present awe that lives just beneath the despair, and may be a doorway to our dreams.

All of the usual suspects will be on board: movement and music, playing and praying, fears and courage, belonging and separation. Your guides will be different each week; a rotation of Michael Molin-Skelton, Carmen Tarifa Reischle, Kate-Marie Mutsaers and Michael Zipkin. Each will offer their unique voice to enhance the symphony of the body choir. 

Drop in when you feel called, stop in when you are moved, hop in, bop in, pop in… just don’t photo-shop yourself in.

Let’s start with this invitational question: how long have you been waiting…and what have you been waiting for?


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