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May 4, 2016 | News & Updates
Garbage to Garden
Be a hero, aim for zero!

Celebrated annually, International Compost Awareness Week promotes the benefits of composting. It's a fitting week to be named Program of The Year by the Maine Resource Recovery Association - we're proud to be leading the way in recycling organics in the great State of Maine! 

And while awards validate the work we do, it's providing the best service possible to you, our community of dedicated composters that really motivates us. Today we're excited to reveal an update to our (YOUR!) MyAccount at

Updates include a tool to more accurately estimate the amount of your diverted waste, a Community Toolbox to help you encourage your friends and neighbors to compost, downloadable Garbage to Garden themed coloring pages, and more! 
Brag about your diversion rate
Want to know how many pounds of food scraps you've diverted from landfills? Just log into your MyAccount to see (approximately) how many pounds of organic material you've diverted since you started chucking it in the bucket.
Do you only fill your bucket halfway every week? You can now update your average usage settings to more accurately reflect your diversion rate.
Want to share? Go for it! We've made it super easy to share your stats via Twitter and Facebook. 

Community Toolbox
You've told us that you'd love to tell your neighbors about Garbage to Garden, so we've put together some tools to help.
Now you can download flyers, coupon codes and more from the Community Toolbox to help you spread the word about Garbage to Garden. 
This Toolbox is a work in progress, so if you have an idea about how to make it even better, let us know!

Color me compost!
We've been hinting about these for a while, so we're excited to be making our very own series of Garbage to Garden related coloring pages available for you to download at home.
Keep an eye on this space, we'll be adding new pages every month! 
Filming this First Friday!

It's always fun to return to where it all began, so we'll be wrapping up International Compost Awareness Week on Congress Street during First Friday. We'll be stationed near Monument Square Park, so come say hello, snag some coloring pages, and if you feel like it, step in front of the camera to help us film our inagural Welcome to Garbage to Garden video. 
Important: Empty compost bags

You may have been a recipient of one or more of the 10,000 bags of compost we've dropped off since January. If you've put your compost to use, please put your empty bag under your bucket on your next service day and we'll reuse them! 
Garbage to Garden Curbside Composting
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Phone: (207) 332-0277
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