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Centering the Voices of Survivors during the Election

Amika T. Clark
The following is the transcript of a speech given by Safe Harbor Survivor Ambassador, Amika T. Clark. Though her speech focuses on the barriers she faced when interacting with law enforcement, Amika felt that her sentiments expressed in this speech also reflect the importance of survivors having a voice in choosing who will represent them and their best interests in the law-making processes. 
I am Amika T. Clark... 
- The product of parents married almost 50 years
- Double degree engineer and project manager
- Most importantly, I am the survivor of domestic violence and I proudly stand here today representing Safe Harbor as an Ambassador on the platform of prevention for our youth, education of the community and the voice of the voiceless.
Read the rest of Amika's speech and find resources for voting safely below. 
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Over $120,000 Raised!

We were honored to have 275+ viewers join us for our first-ever Fashion with a Passion virtual-style and are thrilled to announce that $120,000+ was raised! These funds will support our programs and services for survivors of domestic violence and their children right here in the Upstate of South Carolina.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Fashion with a Passion 2020 a tremendous success!

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Voting Matters: Showing Up and Standing Strong

Michelle Gilbert
“The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.”
- John Lewis 
"I vividly remember my mother putting my voter registration card in the Bible. It was the safe place for most of our important documents. During the 2008 elections, I stood in line with a 77 year old woman. She was dressed in what most people in the South refer to as her “Sunday” best. The line was long and my son was talking nonstop, so I offered to hold her spot. She squeezed my hand and said, “It’s ok, baby. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. There is nowhere else I’d rather be standing.” 
Read the rest of Michelle's words and find resources for voting safely below. 
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Parenting Classes

When domestic abuse is part of a family's life, an additional layer of complexity is added to the task of parenting.
Our parenting class is designed to look at the unique obstacles faced while parenting children who have experienced the trauma of abuse.
We hope to empower parents with information and tools they can use to strengthen the parent-child relationship and, ultimately, heal together.  
Topics covered include:  
  • Safety planning with children
  • Effects of domestic abuse on children 
  • Protective factors
  • Discipline vs. punishment
  • Positive discipline 
  • Nurturing and attachment
  • Emotional regulation
  • Behavior as communication 
Classes are virtual, individual, and the entire process is facilitated by Safe Harbor's Child & Family Counselors. The staff facilitator and participant will determine dates and times for any sessions together, based on individual schedules and availability. This allows maximum flexibility for the participant.  
You do not have to be a Safe Harbor client to attend. 
Groups & Classes

SC is #11 in the nation for women killed by men

For the first time since the Violence Policy Center (VPC) has been keeping up with the statistics, South Carolina is no longer in the top 10 most deadly states where men kill women. For over 20 years, South Carolina has bounced around in the top 10 deadliest states, being the deadliest state in the country more than once, and as recently as 2015. 
It was a surprise to many when South Carolina did not make this infamous list again, just barely missing the top 10 and coming in at #11 in the VPC's most recent findings. Locally, we celebrate South Carolina's unexpected improvement in our ranking. Nationwide, however, we mourn the fact that the rate at which Black women are killed by men has increased from being 2x more likely to 3x times more likely to be killed by men than White women.  
"This year’s report highlighted a nationwide disparity: Black women are three times as likely as White women to be killed by men, making up 14 percent of the population but 32 percent of the 2018 homicides included in the 2018 data. Black women are nine times as likely to be murdered by an acquaintance than by strangers, and intimate partner violence is the leading cause of premature death for Black women aged 15-44.

"It’s a sobering statistic, but not a surprising one, said Jada Charley, president of the SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition.

“The fear in the African American community is that any type of additional criminal laws or criminalization disproportionately affect us,” Charley said. “I think African American victims all over the nation have fears around calling law enforcement. They fear for their own safety, they have the fear of not being believed, fear of what happens involving the criminal justice system, fear that they or their partner could be murdered by law enforcement.” 
Excerpt and image above are from the Post & Courier's, "In historic first, SC no longer top 10 state for women killed by men."
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