Keeping you engaged and informed
Keeping you engaged and informed
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Week of May 13, 2019

York Memorial CI 

The fire at York Memorial Collegiate Institute this week was devastating. On Monday, May 13, students from York Memo will resume classes at George Harvey; everyone will be welcomed back and details of the plan for the final weeks of the school year will be reviewed. A meeting for parents is also being organized on Tuesday, May 14 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at George Harvey so that we can provide further updates and respond as best as we can to any questions they may have. Discussions about plans for September are underway and will be communicated as soon as they are developed. Both staff at York Memorial and George Harvey are working together to ensure we have a successful transition and conclusion to the school year. To support students and staff, TDSB social workers will also continue to be available at George Harvey for any students and staff members who may require their support. We want to thank the TDSB departments and staff that have been collaborating to ensure continuity of programming and support for all involved as we navigate this extraordinary situation. Please know that our staff, including the wider TDSB family, is committed to helping our students succeed.
Chris and Alan Tonks - Go Fund Me Page
York Memorial Collegiate was first built in 1929 as a memorial to the youth killed in World War 1. It officially opened on January 30th, 1930. The building is embedded with rich history and memorials towards our fallen soldiers. Examples include, the 11 terraced steps at the entrance of the building to represent November 11, 1918 at 11 am; a mural was painted outside the auditorium by John Hall in 1949 dedicated as a World War II memorial; there are six stained glass windows created by Will Meike and installed by Robert McCausland. The meaning behind these windows places great significance to this community and city; four windows were created to represent industrial heritage of York, while the other two represented two famous battles, Panels around the windows contain mottoes and the Provincial Coat of Arms. These are to just name a few. In 1985 because of the deep rooted history York Memorial was designated as a heritage building by the former York City Council. The school Motto has been "Macte Nova Virture" (Go Forth With New Strength). With the strength of our community, city, and our York Memorial Alumni we want to preserve the heritage of the school that was built in honour of the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. Whatever the "new" York Memorial may look like we want to raise funds to persevere, restore or recreate the history in these significant works of art.
Staff in the Planning department are also working to relocate programs based at 2 Trethewey into alternative locations as well. These programs include Early Years, Student Transportation, Continuing Education, Student Nutrition and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.

2019-20 TDSB Operating Budget

The draft budget for the 2019-2020 school year will be presented by staff to Trustees and the public on Monday, May 13 Special Finance, Budget & Enrolment Committee (FBEC) at 4:30PM. This will be the first opportunity to see staff’s proposed budget plan that outlines the reductions and changes to the delivery of services and programs about how to eliminate the $54+M shortfall we are facing. The report will be walked in by staff so it will not be available before the meeting and as a result, there will be no delegations at this meeting. 
You can watch a live webcast of the presentation of staff’s proposed balanced budget plan on Monday. Go to and follow the live broadcast link. If you miss the webcast, it will be posted on our budget webpage under the subheading ‘Watch Our FBEC Meeting Videos’.
The proposed balanced budget plan, and more information, will also be available on the Board's Budget webpage on Tuesday, May 14. Parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to review this information.
Remaining Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee Meetings (FBEC) re Budget
  • May 15, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Hold for Delegations and Additional Budget Discussions
  • May 27, 2019 Monday 4:30 p.m. Hold for Delegations and Additional Budget Discussions
  • June 11, 2019 Tuesday 6:00 p.m. Approval of 2019-20 Budget for Operating and Capital
Speak to the FBEC - You are welcomed to make a presentation in person to FBEC or send us your written comments. Meetings have been scheduled for May 15 and 27 after the Operating Budget is public specifically to hear from you. Both meetings begin at 4:30 p.m. in the TDSB Boardroom. Additional meetings may be scheduled. For information, please click
You can also email your comments to us. Please use the subject line “TDSB Budget Consultations”. All comments must be submitted by June 3, 2019.

Student Voice

I am so proud of TDSB Student Trustee Amin Ali who was instrumental in the development of the students' vision - we need to be listening to our students.
Excerpt from the Forward below - for the whole document click on
Ontario’s publicly-funded education system is one of the best in the entire world. Whether it be the constant stream of international educators visiting schools, or ranking in the top five in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) education scores; there is so much to be proud of. This success is no accident. Instead, it is the product of decades of educational excellence by Ontario’s outstanding teachers who have poured their hearts into building the next generation. It is the product of years of work by Ontario’s highly skilled school board administrators, who have implemented innovative educational practices that have transformed classrooms across the province. 
And, of course, it is the product of the dedication of Ontario’s students, who have persevered through hurdles in their education to consistently increase attainment rates on a variety of indicators to make Ontario proud.
The immense benefit of publicly-funded education is unquestionable; it is a promise of prosperity, success, and development. Nevertheless, to protect it, Ontario must constantly improve it. After consulting with students for the past 18 years and counting, the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association- l’Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l’Ontario (OSTA-AECO), is launching its first-ever long-term strategic policy plan: OSTA-AECO’s Vision Document: The Students’ Vision for Education.
This document features 35 long-term recommendations that strive to transform every facet of our education system, premised on the following 6 pillars:
  • Enhancing Equity: Highlighting the deeply ingrained barriers that exist in Ontario’s classrooms, and combating them through capacity building, culturally responsive education, and critical equity analyses of the demographics that make up a school’s population.
  • Funding Formula Reform: Rectifying the significant issues of funding inadequacy that exist in the education system through a mix of program driver modifications and structural funding reforms to fund modern student needs.
  • Strengthening Rural & Northern Schools: Dismantling geographic obstacles to a beneficial student experience with a focus on fostering the conditions for educational opportunity in rural, remote, & northern regions.
  • Supporting Student Well-being: Providing the mental and physical supports to form an environment that improves student-well being and, by extension, student success.
  • System Modernization for 21st Century Learning: Updating the curriculum to ensuring that the learning happening in classrooms is relevant to today, ultimately preparing Ontario’s students for the modern workforce.
  • School Board Governance: Structuring Ontario’s school boards and their systems to be best designed to amplify student voice. 

Let your voice be heard at the Ministry

The Ministry of Education continues to consult on class size and Regulation 274. Please let your voice be heard and respond to the ministry consultation directly by sending an e-mail to until May 31. Here are the links to access the two guides for the consultation process:
Class size:
Hiring Practices:

TDSB Committees This Week

Special Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee, Monday, May 13, 2019 4:30 p.m. Boardroom, 5050 Yonge Street
4.0   Budget Matters
4.1. 2019-20 Proposed Balanced Budget Plan -To be presented
5. Written Notices of Motion for Consideration
Note: on Friday, Boards received Memo SB06  2019-20 Estimates (District School Boards). Staff have not received the technical papers as yet. The memo includes the following about in-year deficits: Should the Bill [Bill 100] receive Royal Assent, the ministry intends to propose to the Lieutenant Governor in Council a regulation that would:
• Indicate that a board is expected to balance its budget in 2019-20. However, a board may incur an in-year deficit up to the lower of 1 per cent of the school board’s operating revenue or the accumulated surplus for the preceding school year, consistent with the requirements as they are currently set out in the Education Act.
• Include a new requirement where a plan/resolution must be submitted by a school board, with its estimates submission, showing the elimination of the in-year deficit within two years. 
Any deficit over the threshold would still require formal approval from the Minister before school boards can pass their budget.
Although cuts are still required, this provides some flexibility and as a result we will be revising the motion that will be presented at tomorrow's meeting.
Committee of the Whole, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 4:30 p.m. Boardroom, 5050 Yonge Street
4.     Delegations (To be presented)
5. Toronto Lands Corporation Reports
6. Reports From Trustees Appointed to the Ontario Public School Boards' Association
6.1. OPSBA Directors' Report (To be presented)
7. Staff Reports
8. Written Notices of Motion for Consideration
9. Written Notices of Motion
9.1. Dealing With Incidents of Racism and Hate (Trustees Moise and Laskin) - Given the recent events at our schools, I was happy to support my colleague Trustee Chris Moise in drafting a motion to specifically deal with actions of racism and hate in our schools - it is only provided here as notice and will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
Re Glenview - The board continues to work to ensure our schools are safe for all students. This past week, Social Workers went to each class to support students. An announcement was made regarding online safety and teachers were asked to review our policies with students. Student Equity Program Advisors (SEPAs), working with school staff, will hold equity, anti-bullying, and anti-Black racism sessions with all grade 7 classes. During the session, students' voice regarding what they have seen/heard/felt in relation to sexism, racism, gender-based violence, homophobia, transphobia will be heard. The plan is they will then co-create strategies to be implemented to address these concerns. The Parent and Community Engagement Office will work with all students and staff in the school to deepen understanding around anti-oppression, anti-bullying and support the School Council and parents in how to talk to their children about race, sexism, gender-based violence, homophobia and transphobia. Information will be shared with parents/caregivers.

Special Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6pm Boardroom, 5050 Yonge Street
3.     Delegations (To be presented)
4. Budget Matters
4.1. Discussion re 2019-20 Proposed Balanced Budget Plan [3655]

Update on Education Development Charges 

On May 2, 2019, the Ontario government introduced Bill 108 More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019. As well as proposing the regressive plan to bring back the OMB, the Bill proposes significant amendments to the Education Development Charges (EDC) section of the Education Act. The proposed changes, if passed, would provide school boards that are already eligible to collect EDCs increased flexibility on how to use the funds and an opportunity to make agreements with local developers to forgo EDCs in exchange for obtaining a lease, real property or other types of benefits for pupil accommodation. The proposed changes will not, however, benefit school boards like the TDSB that do not qualify for
EDCs Background
EDCs are funds that school boards can charge on new developments to help address the substantial pressure on local schools arising from new residential developments. They are a critical funding tool that would help the TDSB meet growth-related infrastructure needs. EDCs are governed by Part IX and Ontario Regulation 20/98 of the Education Act. Under O.Reg. 20/98, school boards that have more student spaces than students, when measured across the entire school system as a whole, are not eligible to collect EDCs. The TDSB does not qualify for EDC funding for this reason. The regulation does not help school boards address significant capacity pressures and challenges in some neighborhood schools. The regulation also restricts use of EDCs to purchase land for future school sites only. School boards may not use EDCs to support the cost of building new schools or renovating existing ones. The TDSB has always argued "growth should pay for growth".
TDSB Application for Judicial Review
In December 2017, the TDSB Board granted Legal Services authority to commence an application for judicial review of O.Reg. 20/98. A Notice of Application was issued shortly thereafter. In October 2018, the Ontario government froze all school boards’ ability to pass new EDC by-laws until they completed their review of the EDC regime. In March 29, 2019, the Ministry of Education lifted the current cap on EDC rates and replaced them with restricted rate increases. In the Application for judicial review, the TDSB sought: 1. Amendments to O. Reg. 20/98 to allow the TDSB to collect EDCs; and 2. Amendments that would allow school boards more flexibility in how it uses EDC funds, for example, to pay for construction of new buildings, additions and renovations to existing schools, and to acquire strata interest in land (i.e.,ownership of a portion of a building).
The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is eligible to collect EDCs because their system-wide secondary enrolment exceeds their system-wide secondary capacity. They have had an EDC By-law since the early 2000s. The TCDSB passed their latest EDC By-law in 2018. In April 2019, the TCDSB revised the By-law to reflect increases in the cost to acquire land. According to the amendment, the charge per residential unit will increase each year from $1,493 in 2019 to $2,993 in 2023.  
For more background on EDCs and our Court Challenge, and on-going advocacy, please click here.

Updates - Davisville/Spectrum Rebuild and Hodgson Middle School

Davisville Spectrum - The first construction update has been prepared and will be posted on the Davisville webpage tomorrow -
Hodgson Middle School - An udpate on the Hodgson Middle School potential addition has been posted on the board's webpage -,%202019.pdf

Spring Fairs in Ward 8

Below please find a list of the Fun Fairs and school community events this Spring - please support the schools and that the many, many volunteers (parents, caregivers and staff) who put on these events for the students - let's hope for wonderful weather!
Note - if you notice any changes or additions, please let me know!

  • Baycrest Wednesday 22-May-19 9-11:30 Arts Morning
  • Ledbury Park Thursday 23-May-19 5-8pm Ledbury Marketplace (vendor fair)
  • John Ross Robertson Saturday 25-May-19 12-4pm Fun Fair
  • Oriole Park Saturday 25-May-19 11am-3pm Mayfair
  • Glen Park Thursday 30-May-19 6-8pm Fun Fair
  • Davisville Saturday 01-Jun-19 4-8pm Fun  Fair (will take place at Hodgson MS site)
  • Allenby Saturday 01-Jun-19 12-4pm Fun Fair
  • Fairbank Wed 05-Jun-19 afternoon Fairbanks Market Day (followed by school BBQ)
  • Cedarvale Thursday 06-Jun-19 starts 4:30 Fun Fair
  • Deer Park Thursday 06-Jun-19 after school Spring Fair
  • McMurrich Thursday 06-Jun-19 4-7pm Fun Fair
  • West Prep Thursday 06-Jun-19 5-8:30pm Fun Fair
  • Lawrence Heights Thursday 06-Jun-19 5:30 Poetry Slam and BBQ
  • Brown/Forest Hill Jr/Sr Wednesday 12-Jun-19 3:30-6:30pm Garden Fête/Falcon Fest (will take place at Forest Hill Jr/Sr site)
  • JR Wilcox Wednesday 12-Jun-19 4-8pm Fun Fair
  • Hillcrest Thursday 13-Jun-19 4-8pm Fun Fair
  • North Prep JS Friday 14-Jun-19 after school Fun Fair
  • John Wanless Saturday 15-Jun-19 11am-3pm Spring Fair
  • Cottingham Saturday 15-Jun-19 11am-3pm Fun Fair
  • Eglinton Saturday 22-Jun-19 4-7pm Fun Fair
  • Armour Heights (Fall 2019)
  • Humewood (Fall 2019)
Please also note Maurice Cody's Spring Fair is on Saturday 25-May-19 9:30-3:30pm and Hodgson MS Community BBQ is Thursday 6-Jun-19 4-6pm (followed by Spring Concert).

New Invitations

McMurrich School Council is proud to present… A Mindful Parenting Presentation with Sue Hutton, MSW

Thursday, May 30, 2019, 7-8 p.m.
McMurrich Junior Public School
101 Winona Drive (near Christie and St. Clair)
Mindful Parenting Presentation
Sue’s interactive and practical mindfulness presentations offer an overview of mindfulness and provide participants with accessible tools that can be applied in daily life. Some brief experiential practices combined with an engaging talk and accessible look at the research will introduce participants to the key components of evidence-based mindfulness practice. People will come away with an understanding of the basic tools of mindfulness, and how it increases overall well-being, and tips on how to apply in our parenting life.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day!

School Year Calendar 2019-20

The 2019-2020 school year at the TDSB begins on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 following the Labour Day long weekend. For more information about important dates and holidays for the upcoming school year, please refer to the 2019-20 School Year Calendar.

School Year Calendar 2018-2019

The official school year calendar for the Toronto District School Board runs from September 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, inclusive.
  • The last day of class for elementary students is June 27, 2019
  • The last day of class for secondary (full-year) students is June 25, 2019
  • The last day of class for secondary (semestered) students is June 26, 2019 
2018 - 2019 Dates to Remember: Official Holidays and PA Days 
Remaining PA Days & Statutory Holidays
  • Victoria Day May 20, 2019
  • Elementary School PA Day June 7, 2019
  • Secondary School PA Day (Full Year Schools only)* June 26, 2019
  • Secondary School PA Day June 27, 2019
  • Board-wide PA Day June 28, 2019
Also please note Days of Significance - click for the complete list
You may also find this Days of Significance Resource Guide helpful
  • Ramadan 2019 ends in the evening of Tuesday, June 4 (Dates may vary)
  • Eid al-Fitr celebrated at the end of Ramadan will begin on Tuesday, June 4 
EQAO - The following dates have been established: 
  • Gr. 9 Math:  2nd Semester: June 5-18, 2019
  • Primary/Junior EQAO: May 21-June 3, 2019
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