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December 2016
Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative is featured in Pacific Standard Magazine
Pacific Standard Magazine recently publish an article about the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative and scope of work in Harney Basin. The story does an excellent job discussing the work being done by partners to improve wetlands irrigation and reduce the carp population in Malheur Lake and its tributaries. Please take the time to read this article and share it with your friends and family!
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December 12th
High Desert Partnership Open House
December 13th
High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
We want to thank everyone who donated to the High Desert Partnership through #OregoniansGive! Your donations mean we can continue to support our local initiatives working to improve the ecological, social, and economic areas of Harney County. Your donations allow us to make the biggest impact possible! 
Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife employees working together on the refuge.
US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Forest Service personnel joined forces to remove carp from Malheur Lake and its tributaries this fall. 

HDP Board Member Chad Karges Receives Achievement Award
We are very excited for Chad Karges, who was recently awarded the  Theodore Roosevelt Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Wildlife Refuge Association! Chad is a founder and board member of the High Desert Partnership as well as being a member of the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative. You can read more about Chad and the award in this article. We are proud to have such a great leader working with us! 

Two Initiatives are Better Than One!
This fall, US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife personnel came together twice to eradicate carp. The US Forest Service is a part of the Harney County Restoration Collaborative and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are partners in the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative. The group used electrofishing to stun carp and remove them from Malheur Lake and its tributaries. The group removed over 2,000 fish over their two days working together! You can read more about the experience by visiting our website
Youth Initiative Partners Discuss Vision and Possible Projects 
Youth initiative partners had their second meeting November 1st at the Harney County community center. The group discussed a vision for the initiative. It was decided that the youth council would work on developing a few vision statements, which they will bring back to the group during the next meeting. Partners broke into smaller groups and discussed what projects they would potentially like to see happen. We heard lots of great ideas during the meeting and are excited about the potential possibilities going forward!
Tis the Season For Donating!
With the end of the year fast approaching, we know that many people donate to the non-profits they believe are making a difference in the world. Consider giving to our organization and help create positive change in Harney County!
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