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Day 2 - Put Some Color in Your Life!

eight boxes laid out in a grid with various color palettes inside each

GW’s Color Palette

Did you know that GW has a color palette that includes more than buff and blue? Check out the official GW color palette from Marketing & Creative Services for additional accent colors.

Other Color Palettes

Want to use a different color theme throughout a presentation, document, or graphic for consistency and harmony? Use a color palette generator to ensure they complement each other. Here are a few fun options:

Color Accessibility

Colors need to have a certain degree of contrast to be accessible to people with limited vision or color blindness. After you choose a color palette, check out these tools:

Make Your Color Theme

How do you get these specific colors? Each color has a 6 digit HEX code for viewing on a screen (not print).
In PowerPoint for example
  • Click on the down arrow next to the text or shape
  • Click More Colors
  • Copy the HEX code to fill in that field
  • In this example, it’s the GW dark blue, 033C5A
PowerPoint menu. The text color icon is circled in red. Underneath it displays theme colors, followed by standard colors. color picker with RGB sliders. Underneath is a text box where you can enter the HEX code and click OK to confirm color selection.
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