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April 12, 2016
Solve your financial “whoa!”
Money and stress seem to go together, especially when your funds are running low. Worrying about it too much can cloud your thinking. It can even affect your health and your saving or spending choices. Try this tip for one week to help you control spending and feel more financially powerful.
Start a jar system
Put away your debit and credit cards, then:
1. Plan your budget.
2. Set a weekly spending limit for areas like clothes, groceries and pet care.
3. Mark separate jars for each area.
4. Place the amount of cash you’ve budgeted in each.
5. Pay for those expenses with only the cash available.
6. If you run out of cash, you must borrow from another jar. 
7. Refill your jars with budgeted cash the next week.

Your ParTNers EAP is ready with support and resources that help guard your financial well-being. Remember that your EAP includes a consult with certified financial planners and other financial experts, all at no cost to you!

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