"We simply can't go back to the way things were."
Happy End of August!
We’re steadily working on a number of initiatives here at MaineHousing – everything from helping house migrant farm workers who test positive for COVID-19 to expanding our COVID-19 Rent Relief Program to helping change how Maine’s homeless services are structured.
We lowered our First Home Loan interest rate to our lowest rate ever: 2.875%! For the most up-to-date information about our First Home Loan program, please check our website.
Our Supportive Housing Program (also known as the Housing Trust Fund) Request for Proposals is out in the world. MaineHousing must receive the pre-application no later than 5:00 P.M. Thursday, October 15, 2020. Full applications are due 5:00 P.M. Thursday, December 17, 2020. Learn more and find program details here.
We hope you and yours are safe and well. As always, please be in touch if you have any questions or comments about our work! 
Happy late days of summer,
The MaineHousing Team

New Expanded COVID-19 Rent Relief Program Launched

At the beginning of August, MaineHousing partnered with Governor Janet Mills, the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, and Maine’s Community Action Agencies to bring our expanded rent relief program to Mainers impacted by COVID-19. Our partnership will provide $7.2 million to Maine renters through payments of up to $1,000 for a maximum of three months. So far, the program has received over 3,800 applications. Approximately $1.35 million that has been paid to landlords or will be – over $795,000 has been approved for payment and over $558,000 has been already paid.
For more information about the Expanded COVID-19 Rent Relief Program, visit our website.
MaineHousing also has a separate rent relief program for people who live in developments financed by MaineHousing. For more information about that program, send us an email.

Changing Maine's Approach to

Homeless Services

When COVID-19 hit Maine in March, MaineHousing began working with several partners to launch wellness shelters in Maine communities. These extensions of local homeless shelters helped contain the spread of COVID-19 among people who are homeless. Local homeless shelters, Maine DHHS, the University of Maine System, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency united to create these temporary shelters. The wellness shelters together housed 255 people - for 10,064 bed nights* - who would otherwise not have had a place to stay during the early months of the pandemic.
Through this process, those staying in wellness shelters didn’t need to keep their usual schedule of leaving the shelter at a certain time for a day on the streets. Guests had the stability of staying in one place (on a cot that remains theirs for as long as they stay) and not having to leave during the day.
As MaineHousing Director Dan Brennan told the Legislature’s Labor and Housing Committee, “We simply can’t go back to the way things were” before the pandemic. We are working with our partners at the Statewide Homeless Council to move toward a new homeless services structure in Maine. 
We continue to fund homeless shelters in Maine – for emergency COVID operations and for regular operations. At the same time, we’re concentrating our attention and action on what lies ahead. This means, in part, doing the hard work of helping to redesign Maine’s homeless response around what we really value: help and compassion for some of our most vulnerable fellow Mainers, dignity in service provision, and the belief that all people deserve a safe home. We’re excited to be part of what comes next and for a better approach to these critical services. 
*Bed nights are the number of nights people stay. For example, if one person stays 3 nights, they are count as one person served for three bed nights.

Thank you, Liz Moberg!

It was a socially distanced but lovely farewell to our dear Liz Moberg, who retired from MaineHousing this week. As one of our Technical Services Specialists for over 10 years, Liz's passion, extensive knowledge, and commitment to the people we serve have resulted in great things through and for our Weatherization Program and MaineHousing. We will miss her and are excited to hear about her new adventures. Thank you for everything, Liz! 
Below is a quote from Liz when we asked her why she likes working for MaineHousing.

Census 2020 - Make Sure You're Counted!

A recent Bangor Daily News article noted the millions of dollars in federal funding that is at risk if more Mainers don’t respond to the 2020 Census. At MaineHousing, we make many policy decisions each year that are often based in part on Census data. If you haven’t taken the Census – it’s not too late!
Due to COVID-19, you have until September 30, 2020 to take the Census. It takes less than five minutes – so click here to fill it out, or send to your networks to make sure they have done their part!
MaineHousing's Board of Commissioners will meet on September 15, 2020 at 9 am via teleconference. For more information about how to listen in on the meeting, please contact us.
MaineHousing Homeownership:
As of August 17, 2020

Purchases: 589

The total value of the loans MaineHousing has purchased so far in 2020 is $87,515,952.

We have 335 homes in our pipeline at $46,757,136 in value.

Happy New (HEAP) Year!

The new Home Energy Assistance Program year kicked off this week on Monday. Maine’s Community Action Agencies are now accepting applications for the coming program year. Last year’s program numbers were a reflection of the positive changes made to the application process: HEAP helped approximately 1,100 more households pay for their home energy costs than the previous year. We’re looking forward to a new HEAP year and working together to serve more families! Find out more information about the program here - and forward to your networks and people who may need help!
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