Dear Parents and Carers

Over the last eight or so weeks our lives and routines, that we are all used to, have been turned upside-down. Most children thrive on structure and familiarity, and let’s be honest so do many adults. 

The aim for home learning has been to provide the children with activities from resources/companies that we would normally use in school, to bring a level of familiarity to them, and where we feel confident about the level of challenge within those resources.

Although we initially sent home packs for the children to complete and have continued to upload ideas to our website, there have been no expectations from school about what you do or don’t do. These are very unusual and unprecedented times. We do not expect you to turn your living room into a classroom, and we do not as parents expect you to teach your children as a replacement teacher.

We completely understand the difficulties from the parental perspective especially if you are carrying on with your job, doing extra hours or working from home, or dealing with poorly children/family members. As staff, we are all trying to do this too.  

Many of you have worked incredibly hard to try to make sure that your children continue to learn and have shared with us here in school the wonderful work that is happening at home. There are pictures included in this newsletter that have been received in school of some of the results of the exciting work being undertaken. We are so grateful for your input and continuing interest.

Of the communications that I have had with parents over the last weeks there has been a recurring concern shared with me – that of the amount of time that children are spending on social media/gaming/etc and as parents there is a worry that children will not cope if these devices are taken away from them.

A safeguarding hub has been created that allows our pupils’ parents to access interactive guidance on setting up parental controls on their child’s devices, as well as guidance on apps like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and more.

Copy and paste our school’s unique link below.


Learning about online safety at home (ThinkUKnow)

ThinkUKnow have created a page to support parents and young people online. The site includes home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities to support children's understanding of online safety.

Additionally there is parent support information for primary and secondary age groups.

The resources can be found here:


Be SMART: Online Safety Video Lessons for 6 - 9 year olds (Childnet)

Childnet have released six new easy-to-follow videos for parents and children to work through together. The 10 - 15 minute videos offer simple, clear online safety advice using fun activities, games and discussion. There are optional follow-up activities to extend children's learning.

The videos can be found here:

Please take care and hopefully soon this very strange way of working will be in our memories.

Anne Franklin
Associate Principal
Primary Headteacher

Nursery News
Whatdoyouthinka  Sauras?
Our Nursery team have been learning all about animals and have been researching dinosaurs in particular. Pupils had the task to create a dinosaur using 3D shapes and anything else they could get their hands on. They even had the chance to name thier Dinosaurs after themselves! Take a look at thier fabulous work below.
Kingfisher Class
Our Kingfisher clss have been producing some impressive work since the school closure, take a look below 
Philip made an impressive rocket using junk during our space topic!
Freddie has been working on his addition in lots of different ways using lots of resources at home - well done Freddie!
Hafsa's creative printing: Hafsa created a space pictures using simple items to print, such as a cup!
Hafsa's Addition: Hafsa has been working really hard on her maths and working on problem solving and representing her ideas.
Nabil's Rhyming: Nabil used the lego to work on his rhyming patterns, using one of our suggested activities.
Leen's Computer Phonics: Leen is working on her computer skills and practising her blending using espresso.
Shanon's Phonics: Shanon is watching her daily phonics and practising her sounds.
Zaid's Nature Freeze: Zaid made his very own nature freeze, carrying out one of our fun activities!
Primary Phase children have been working on making parachutes. Pupils spent an hour making their own parachutes, making choices about which materials would work best and adapting their designs after testing them.
Primary have been busy making a ‘Stay at home’ banner with Miss Ravrani to show our appreciation to the NHS during this difficult time. They enjoyed using lots of colour in thier banner's making them stand out! You can find their banner on the big window opposite the primary reception office. We hope you like it. Stay at home and stay safe!
The students in school planned a Thank You NHS Party on their own accord. They spent the day creating invitations for their friends and VIPs (shout-out to Mrs Franklin, Mrs Moise-Dixon and Mrs Evans!). They brought some treats from home, had a game of pass the parcel and musical statues. Kha’Mari took his roll of Head Doorman very seriously checking for invitations and wristbands on the Guest List!
On the left we have the amazing work produed by our primary students and on the right is the original piece of art!
Mr Kitsiou and primary pupils studied the work of Austrian artist Gustav Klimpt and drew inspiration from his piece entitled 'The Tree of Life' Pupils then went on to create their own master pieces using pencils, water colours and felt pens.

Well done to Maya (Y6), Ben (Y4), Sophia (Y4), Emilija (Y5) & Victorija (Y5)!
Well done to Dominic and Harley for producing these fantastic letters at home, the task was to write a convincing letter asking for a pet! 
Issue 83 - 22nd May 2020
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E-Safety Top Tips:
• Did you know the minimum age for Facebook is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Instagram is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Snapchat is 13?
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