Public Meeting Summary

On May 16, 2018, the City of Tampa hosted a public meeting to review the details of the Harbour Island Force Main Replacement Design-Build Project (Project). Approximately 200 Harbour Island residents and community members attended the meeting at the Tampa Bay History Center. The intent of the meeting was to provide members of the public an overview of the Project, as well as answer questions and address concerns related to the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the Force Main.
Representatives from the City of Tampa and the Project Team shared a detailed history of the Force Main, expressed the importance of rehabilitation and/or replacement, and provided an understanding of the potential impacts the Project may have on those who live and work on Harbour Island, Downtown Tampa and surrounding areas. Meeting attendees also had an opportunity to ask a variety of questions.
The public meeting was the first in a series of meetings the City plans to have with stakeholders on this Project. The City will host another public meeting in late Summer 2018 to gather input on the Project pipeline and route alternatives, as well as one in Fall 2018 to present the final pipeline and route selection. The Project Team will continue to provide updates throughout the Project duration.
Public meeting held May 16, 2018, and hosted by the City of Tampa to review the details of the Harbour Island Force Main Replacement Design-Build Project at the at the Tampa Bay History Center.

Community/Neighborhood Association Meetings

Members of the Community Task Force include : Ann Cieslak - North Neighborhood Association; Patrick McGuire, Shawn Nayyer, and Steve Wigh - Piazza Neighborhood Association; and Lee Godwin, Robert Johnston, Larry Premak - South Neighborhood Association.
The City is currently working with the leadership from the community and neighborhood associations that represent the owners, residents and businesses on Harbour Island. Since the public meeting on May 16, 2018, we have met once with representatives from community and neighborhood associations, as well as conducted separate meetings with the North Neighborhood Association, Piazza Neighborhood Association and South Neighborhood Association. The purpose of the meetings was to review the criteria used by the Project Team to evaluate route alternatives, present and take input on preliminary route alternatives, as well as form the Harbour Island Community Task Force.

The Community Task Force was established for this Project to ensure continued transparent and open dialogue throughout the Project duration. We will work with members of this Task Force, as representatives of Harbour Island, to ensure community concerns and input are taken into consideration as the Project Team works to narrow down route alternatives and decides on final pipeline and route selection. The Task Force includes three representatives from each of the Associations mentioned above. The representatives for each Association were voted on and approved by their respective boards.

Preliminary Route Alternatives

As with any pipeline infrastructure project, the City of Tampa begins by identifying all possible preliminary route alternatives. Currently, there are 13 route alternatives the City is reviewing for further study, two of which were provided by members of the Community Task Force. The preliminary route alternative maps are included on the Project Website under the Alternative Routes tab, and we encourage you to review them and provide input through the Contact Us Form or through your Neighborhood Community Task Force Representative(s).
During our next meeting with the Community Task Force, we will start evaluating the "pro's and con's" of each of the routes to reduce the number of options to then perform a detailed route analysis. 

Exploratory Excavation Work

Kimmins Contracting will be performing some exploratory excavation work during the month of July. The work will determine the wall thickness of the existing pipeline to better understand its current condition, as well as measure the outside diameter of the pipe. This ensures appropriate line stop saddle parts are available in the event the City needs to perform an emergency bypass on the line. Residents and businesses will be informed 3-5 days prior to work beginning through the Community Task Force.
The Project Team is working with the affected neighborhoods to minimize impacts.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please visit the Project Website at or call the Project Hotline at 813-235-4830.
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