Thank you for making 2020 a blessing.
Thank you for making 2020 a blessing.
Because of you, the Oasis family is extra grateful this year. 2020 has taught us to count our blessings and give thanks to those who have helped and supported us.

Your generosity helped booksellers hit hard by the Covid crisis. You initiated new partnerships to equip the church and you trained under-resourced pastors throughout the continent.

We would, therefore, like to take you down memory lane and reflect on the goodness of God.
In 2020, many of you responded almost immediately to our requests to help Oasis partners across Africa who were furloughed without pay, or with drastic income reduction, due to the effects of the COVID19 pandemic.

In an amazingly short amount of time we raised over $6,000 in June 2020, which provided food and essential goods for our partners and their families to get them through the crisis. By November 2020, we received more donations and an additional $10,500 was distributed to even more partners in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.
"[Thank you] so much for the Pandemic Relief of USD 500 which we received.
It went along way in buying food stuffs.
The staff were very happy, thankful and prayed for Oasis and your Team. 
We are told that during happier moments one has a lot of friends but during difficult
and trying moments one gets to know his true and real friends.
And for us Oasis is not just a business partner but a true friend." –Staff of Keswick Books and Gifts Ltd, Kenya
"Your care and help are proof of how the Lord takes care of his children. It is such a priviledge to know that we are part of a much bigger picture and much bigger team." –Marlene Abrie, WordSpread Foundation, South Africa
"We received the Covid relief funds with appreciation. We used the funds in supporting the staff by purchasing Christmas vouchers for them. The staff were very happy for the fund." –Ufungamano House, Kenya  
Thank you for your courageous generosity during these uncertain times. The work and effectiveness of Oasis is contingent on these partnerships and we are grateful that they are back to the work of distributing Bibles and discipleship resources to equip the Church.


Until October 2020, the Oasis Global Partnerships Team consisted of one regional director in East Africa and the vice president of global partnerships in the U.S. The team has now grown to include a regional director in West Africa, a regional director in Southern Africa, and will be led by a director of Africa operations, based in South Africa.
“Serving at Oasis provides me with the opportunity to actively participate in expanding God's Kingdom by growing the Church with powerful Christian books and the Africa Study Bible - and all of that on a continent that I love.” –Christo van der Schyff Director, African Operations

"I am passionate about seeing the fast-growing church in Africa rooted and continue to grow to full maturity in Christ. I love my role because I get to build partnerships with like-minded organizations, churches and individuals that enable and facilitate discipleship through access to great resources at affordable prices from Oasis International." –Nyambura Kamau, Regional Director, East Africa

“More than ever there is a need for the African continent to be equipped and mobilized with contextualized resources. I am passionate to provide solutions to organizations through strong partnerships to equip the Church in Africa and to witness how the Lord provides for Church growth in remote villages in Africa where it is needed the most.”  –Zandré van der Nest, Regional Director, Southern Africa

“I am passionate about serving in Oasis with such an incredible team devoted to growing discipleship through publishing African voices and empowering so many local booksellers to earn a fair profit and a self-sustaining African publishing enterprise to serve the global church.”                   –Sola Onifade, Regional Director, West Africa

This team, made up of passionate advocates for our amazing books and Bibles, will continue to identify and nurture relationships where Oasis can empower the growth of discipleship across the continent. They also work together to form strategies to meet our partners' specific needs.


Oasis and its partners have provided Biblical resources and training materials to church leaders in different parts of Africa, discipling 350,000 people. We celebrate all that God has done through this ministry because of you! 
Because of your support, almost 16,000 Bibles have been distributed to leaders through the God's Word for Africa program, many accompanied by a full day of training. On behalf of these leaders and their disciples, we thank you.
We are thankful for your generosity and continued support that has enabled us to obey Jesus’s command to share the gospel with every nation. 
After receiving Bible training at outreach events, organised by WordSpread Foundation in November 2020, Pastor Isaac Nyamafumba in Malawi was equipped to organize a rally in his community and taught the Word of God using the Africa Study Bible, with hundreds of people in attendance.
“This program has brought a very good impact in my church and in my fellow pastors who have attended [the training].” –Pastor Isaac Nyamafumba, Joy Ministries, Zomba
44 Africa Study Bibles were received with excitement and gratitude at the Scott Christian University, Kenya, in October 2020. The students are using the Bibles as part of their African Christian Theology course that will be offered at the university. 
"Africa Study Bible is an invaluable exegetical tool that every pastor serving in Africa needs. The notes and articles will be informative as I continue with my studies as well as prepare sermons. May God bless the donors." –William Nduva, Scott Christian University, Kenya 
In October 2020, Dr Charlemagne Nditemeh started on his journey of delivering 40 Africa Study Bibles in different regions of Cameroon. At a weekend in the Ngoro zone of the Centre Region, one of the most remote areas where pastors have very little or no means to get Bibles, Dr Nditemeh met with five pastors and delivered the eagerly awaited Bibles!

“My pilgrimage to empower pastors with Africa Study Bibles was exceptionally unique in my ministry life and lifetime. I went to meet five pastors far in the ‘bush’ but only three showed up because of inaccessibility of road passage. Praise the Lord for the three l met. Halleluyah! I made it to and fro.” –Dr Charlemagne Nditemeh, President, Cameroon Baptist Seminary

Despite the blow to businesses and economies around the world, we are more than grateful that we did not shut-down – thankfully, we survived. The Oasis International team continued to work toward our mission of growing discipleship through publishing African voices. 
This would not have been possible without your prayers for protection, encouraging emails, calls, messages, and, undoubtably, your financial giving. 
All of our team members and families have continued to experience good health. Some of us were affected directly and indirectly by the Corona virus but we praise God for his healing and quick recoveries.
We look forward to 2021and the opportunity to continue to equip leaders in Africa to impact the global Church. 
And when he gives us victory, we can rejoice in him. As Paul exhorts us, let's lift our eyes to heaven and "always be thankful" (Colossians 3:15).
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