Please support your church's licensed minister(s)
Please support your church's licensed minister(s)
Dear Congregation,
Peace be with you!
We rejoice that you continue to encourage and sponsor the licensed minister(s) in your congregation!
The licenses expire at the end of each calendar year. In order for the Licensed Minister(s) in your congregation to continue in licensed ministry for 2020, your church must have a minuted item from the church council or the church board that the congregation wants the license(s) to be continued for 2020.
If a (paid / unpaid) position is held by your Licensee in your church (such as pastor, associate pastor, chaplain, youth leader, etc . . .), these forms must also be returned:
In addition, we want to remind you of the Covenant of Accountability between the licensed minister, congregation, and district. As a part of this you are asked to name a representative from your congregation to be part of the Calling Cohort which will meet quarterly with the licensee to support her/his call. Also, a section of this Covenant invites the congregation to share ways it will support the licensed minister in the year ahead. This could be opportunities to be in ministry, time for study, financial resources, or other ways to support the minister's exploration of call. The renewal process is a good time for some focused conversation about the ways your congregation is living this out. A copy of the covenant can be found at this link
If you have any questions please contact me or contact the district office.
For more information on helping your licensee maintain their license go to the NACC web page here:
This year we are going to renew all the licensees at the same time, in a wonderful celebration at District Conference. This will be a time when the ministry of our licensees can be affirmed by the whole district and they can receive the blessings of the entire PSWD.
The licensing renewal service will take place in the Saturday evening worship at District Conference, November 9, 2019 at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our District Executive Minister, Russ Matteson, will lead the relicensing renewal. The Ministry Commission asks you to encourage your licensee to attend. If you have questions about attendance please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to this being a wonderful spiritual event that helps bind us together as the Body of Christ.
Wishing God's blessing on your work,
Clark Youngblood
Ministry Commission Chair
(623) 451-3282
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