The Campus Safety Issue | Sign up for PROFFcourses
The Campus Safety Issue | Sign up for PROFFcourses
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Faculty Affairs Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue 7

The Campus Safety Issue

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UMKC courses will start on schedule whether they’re in person, online or a mix. In this issue, listen to a message from Provost Lundgren and learn how Campus Facilities Management is preparing campus for fall - new cleaning practices, physical distancing measures for campus, shields, and return to campus kits. Dean Jackson, School of Medicine, has been providing expertise related to COVID-19, catch up with a few of her headlines. Also, pick up your free t-shirt from behind Cherry Hall. 

Video Message from Provost Lundgren

video message from Provost Lundgren
Video Message from Provost

Safety Modifications for Classrooms and Offices

Michael Graves, director of facilities operations, Campus Facilities Management, discusses classroom modifications, office precautions, and common space social distancing.

video about campus safety featuring Michael Graves
Dean Jackson, School of Medicine, PSAs
14 COVID-19 Myths and Misconceptions
Dean of the School of Medicine separates fact from fiction
Ingram's Magazine Q & A
The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on US Medical Students in their Clinical Years
Journal article in International Journal of Medical Students
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