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Summer 2021

Patricia Barry Levy

It's a Process

An important step when beginning a new group of composited images is the early “gathering up” - when I photograph, review my libraries, search, and shop. I’ve traveled near and far to take pictures of empty landscapes, or exotic flora. I’ve collected tin wind-up toys, feathers, seed pods, vintage illustrations, figurines, and on and on.

Lately I’ve been following my love of books to local library fundraising sales and used book stores. This has led me to try a different way of working which is analog in nature, as opposed to my usual digital path. Yes - cutting and pasting with actual paper and glue! In the process it's been interesting having to give up the almost total control I'm accustomed to with regard to scale, transparency, color, etc. 

 I hope you enjoy this new suite of hand made 12" H x 9" W collages, titled AllOneThing.

P.S. Above is Polly, our travel trailer, at a national forest campground in NV - in route to CA and OR coasts early this summer.



collage kuh-laazh: a piece of art created by combining photos, clippings or small objects onto a surface

montage maan-taazh: the technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of pictures, text, or music

photomontage foh-toh-maan-taazh: a montage constructed from photograpic images


is included in Viral Influence: Art in the Time of Coronavirus at the Arvada Center for the Arts. The exhibition runs through August 22.
3275 Upham Street | Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 US
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