Donna Sittard, Development Director
“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive good things and good people will be drawn to you.”
- Mary Lou Retton, Gymnast


Each day, the YMCA encourages all staff, volunteers, members and program participant to learn and live the Core Values of the YMCA.  

Core Values:

Caring: to demonstrate a sincere concern for others, for their needs and well-being. Related values: compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. Symbolized by the color Red: heart.

 to tell the truth, to demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness through actions that are in keeping with my stated positions and beliefs. Related values: integrity and fairness.  Symbolized by the color Blue: true blue.

 to treat others as I would want them to treat me, to value the worth of every person, including myself. Related values: acceptance, empathy, self-respect and tolerance.  Symbolized by the color Yellow: the Gold Rule.

: to do what is right--what I ought to do, to be accountable for my choices of behavior and actions and my promises. Related values: commitment, courage, good health, service and citizenship. Symbolized by the color Green: our environment.

Inspired by MOCHA’s messages, Brother Al got involved in community outreach as a mentor and health advocate. He worked with a range of organizations — including local churches, the sheriff’s department, and a community HIV center.

Through his advocacy activities, Brother Al lobbied for a grocery store in a neighborhood in Springfield that needed more access to healthy food. He also got involved in a program working with men who were formerly incarcerated.

He’s proud of the way that MOCHA has grown over the years, and he says MOCHA’s members are recognized in the community. “My talent is going out and delivering a message with power and urgency,” he says. “We need to be healthy. The MOCHA pledge says, ‘My presence depends on my health.’”

Wherever he goes, Brother Al uses his skills to communicate, connect, and touch people’s lives — including men who are still abusing drugs. “I’m a voice in the wilderness crying out to make a pathway,” he says.
In 2010, a group of nonprofits in Springfield, Massachusetts founded MOCHA with a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The program aimed to address the poorer health and higher levels of stress that men of color in Springfield experience compared to other groups.
In the beginning, the organizers met with groups of African-American and Latino men to discuss health concerns and priorities in their communities. The men participated in creating the MOCHA logo, suggested topics for classes, and helped decide how the program should be evaluated in the future.
In addition to offering health education programs, MOCHA has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Amherst to research the program’s impact on stress reduction in men of color. MOCHA is now focused on developing affinity groups led by men that will advocate for policy and legislative change.
Thank you to all of our sponsors from the 2021 Golf Classic, your impact is great!  The event brought in $70,000 toward our financial assistance program giving help to those in need to have access to the YMCA of Greater Springfield and its programs. 
So the next time you see one of our sponsors or go into their business, please say thank you, again, on our behalf.


Our President & CEO, Dexter Johnson had the opportunity to speak with Eric Clemons on Comcast Newsmakers during an interview.  Hear what Dexter had to say.
Who, Where,
What, When & Why the Y
Who: Michael Rouette, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer  
Where:  Monson Savings Bank
What: Board of Directors & Golf Committee Chairperson 
When: I have proudly served and supported the YMCA of Greater Springfield for more than 15 years..
Why the Y I grew up locally and have worked locally for 30+ years.  It means a lot to me to support the member of our communities beyond my role as a banker. Why I chose to become involved with the YMCA is because I wanted to be part of a great organization which makes a difference in the greater Springfield community. I believe that the youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility opportunities they provide for thousands of community members – ranging from young children to seniors – is incredibly beneficial to our communities as a whole.

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