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RLP/ELP Loan Transmittal Form and Process Updates 
Changes have been made to the Rehabilitation Loan Program (RLP) and Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program (ELP) Loan Transmittal Form. The updated document is dated 6/18/2020 and must be used for all loans immediately. Click here to access editable Minnesota Housing loan documents, including the updated Loan Transmittal Form, for loans committed in the new Loan Commitment System.

Information has been added to the Loan Transmittal Form regarding how loan documents should be delivered to Minnesota Housing and AmeriNat. Please review the transmittal instructions listed below:
  • NEW: All loan documents that are required to be delivered to Minnesota Housing should be uploaded to the Loan Commitment System. For instructions on how to upload documents to the Loan Commitment System, please click here. Please note, on the “Attachments” screen, for “Category” you must select “Trailing Documents” from the dropdown menu when uploading loan documents to the Loan Commitment System. Please do not mail documents to Minnesota Housing.
  • Documents to be delivered to AmeriNat should be mailed. NOTE: This is the same process. There are no changes to this process.
Please ensure that the most current documents are used when processing a loan. All required documents can be found on Minnesota Housing's website in the Forms Guide and Glossary. Click the links below to review the updated documents.
Contact Tonya Taylor at 651.296.8844.
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