The Office of Sustainability serves as a resource, catalyst, and advocate.
The Office of Sustainability serves as a resource, catalyst, and advocate.
Tufts University Undergraduate Orientation
Sustainability at Tufts
August 09, 2022
Hello Jumbos,
Today, we introduce you to the Office of Sustainability and Tufts Eco Reps.

Get to Know Sustainability at Tufts

From campus operations to the classroom, sustainability at Tufts is a collective effort from people like you that spans across departments, offices, and all of our campuses in Boston, Grafton, and Medford/Somerville. The Office of Sustainability (OOS) serves as a resource, a catalyst, and an advocate for sustainability at Tufts and serves as the bridge between ideas to improve campus sustainability and their practical implementation. Each campus residence hall has a student Eco Rep who serves as a peer resource and provides information about ecological issues and environmentally responsible behavior. Eco Reps also run sustainability-related events and activities. During your time at Tufts, you can get involved with sustainability projects through the OOS and Eco Reps like:
  • Helping the Tufts community adopt sustainable practices and behaviors
  • Reducing waste and diverting it from landfills
  • Improving our energy use to reach carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Enhancing social justice through a focus on "just sustainability"
  • And so much more!
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Move-In Waste Reduction Protocol

You can have a sustainable start to your time at Tufts and help support our campus-wide sustainability initiatives when you move in! Moving into a new space doesn't have to create a lot of waste. When packing, use reusable containers such as plastic storage boxes or suitcases. If you have a roommate, coordinate with them to share residence hall supplies. If you need to purchase items, we suggest buying used items, if you can, to reuse resources and eliminate pollution from extracting new resources. For more easy move-in tips, see our move-in recycling page.

Recycling at Tufts

The Recycling Team works alongside Facilities Services to coordinate waste reduction and diversion efforts across Tufts, including recycling, specialty recycling, and compost programs across the four Tufts campuses. The team also works on educational programs, zero-waste events, and low-waste move-in and move-out, among other initiatives. If you have questions or want support for a waste-related project, please email
Become a Certified Recycling Expert

Helpful Resources

Are you interested in jumpstarting your journey to becoming a sustainability champion on campus? Start here!

Keep an Eye Out for Us at Orientation!

Join the Office of Sustainability and meet the Tufts Eco-Reps during Orientation on Sunday, September 4, at the Science & Engineering Complex (SEC) patio to upcycle a planter and learn about native plants and greenspace equality! Join us that same evening for the A Cappella Orientation Shows, where we'll give you the tools to become a sustainability champion on campus.
Mark your calendar on Monday, September 5, for our Back-to-School Sale, where you can buy gently used, low-cost school and residence hall supplies that were saved from previous Jumbos. This helps keep waste out of our landfills and eliminates pollution from extracting new resources.

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