Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

They did it! After the pandemic pivot and all of the challenges that ensued, Williams seniors crossed the stage with diploma in hand. Our graduates worked hard over the past four years and the majority already have a plan that includes work, graduate school, fellowships, post-graduate internships, or just taking a breather! At the '68 Center, we could not be more proud of our student's success, and the positive impact they will have on our society. We want to thank the many people who made this possible: First, thank you to the countless Williams family members who supported students' career exploration journies. We want to thank the over 4,000 Williams alumni and 300 employers who engaged with students through the '68 Center this academic year. We could not do this work without you. We also owe a special debt of gratitude to our many campus partners who collaborated including our dear teammates in the Office of College Relations, the Dean's Office, CLiA, The Davis Center, the Center for Accessible Education, the Fellowships Office, CES, Admission, and the Zilkha Center, among others. Thanks also to the 17 student workers who provided peer mentoring and made Handshake sing with over 23,000 internships and job opportunities. We recognize that it takes a "whole village" for students to explore their many dreams. Enjoy our final capstone newsletter... - Don Kjelleren, Executive Director of the '68 Center for Career Exploration

Year in Review

This academic year we continued to encourage, support, and mentor students on their career exploration journey.
We offered seven industry career meetups, including our second annual Diversity Career Day with Amherst College. Across all the meetups we saw an impressive 206 organizations looking to connect with Williams students! The value of a liberal arts education continues to flourish.
During Winter Study, we continued our January Jumpstart programming. We again saw engaged and curious students participating in career treks, informational panels, and How'd You Get There? and How Do You Do That? chats. In January 2022 we hosted 29 unique events that spanned across our career communities. 

The Power of Ephs

Since its formal launch in the fall of 2018, EphLink has grown to house approx 85% of the current student body, with over 37,000 messages sent between users across the world.  Alumni and students choose the level of engagement they wish to have, personalizing their experiences depending on their interests, identities, and availability.  Both alums and students can seek and share advice - whether it be first steps after Williams, career transitions or relocation insight. With each year, the experience offerings on the system itself have morphed as well, which now not only houses 1:1 connections, but identity and affinity groups, job shadowing, and a portal to share and seek out jobs, internships and short-term projects. Learn more and join here!

Ephs in Public Service

In the spring semester, we were able to host Senator Chris Murphy ’96 on campus. The Democrat from Connecticut led a standing-room-only discussion on the emerging global conflict with students, faculty and staff. He also emphasized the importance of—and need for—Ephs in public service. We cannot thank Senator Murphy and his team enough for this timely conversation!

First Destinations 2022

Families of Williams Class 2022 - each year the '68 Center surveys our graduating class in order to share their post-Williams plans. Be sure to remind your student to check their email to help share realistic next steps for life after Williams! 

Celebrating the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program (ASIP)!

We want to thank alumni, parents, and friends of Williams for offering exceptional summer internship opportunities. We are extremely grateful for their support and could not be prouder of how our students have navigated this difficult time and secured world-class internships. This year, we awarded 202 Williams students ASIP grants from 37 summer internship funds! This is the largest group of students ever!
Students are working in environment/sustainability/renewable energy, the arts, journalism, non-profits, public service, racial justice/social justice, education, government, public policy, law, entrepreneurship/startups, scientific research, public health/mental health/medicine and more!  Students will be working throughout the United States and internationally including:  Germany, Ghana, Czech Republic, Japan, Ethiopia, Canada, Kenya, Ireland, Cameroon, Republic of the Philippines and Spain!

We would also like to thank the ASIP donors for their high-impact commitment to students. Finally, we want to thank our colleagues across campus, especially Megan Morey, Lew Fisher, Brooks Foehl '88, Daryle Bost, Dave Dewey '82, Lauren Magrath, Katie Price '02, Beth Reynolds '95, Mark Reach, Mark Robertson '02, Bernadine Williams, Wendy Coakley '85, PJ Venti, Julie Murphy, Janine Burt, Paula Consolini, and countless others. (You know who you are!). 

ASIP internships have a significant impact on the lives of Williams students and provide them with the opportunity to explore something new, take a risk, gain confidence in themselves, become more competitive candidates when they pursue future summer internships or full-time jobs and ultimately shape their futures.

Helping students pursue their dreams is truly a team effort!

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