Physicians united to improve healthcare
Physicians united to improve healthcare
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A message from KCMS President

Michelle Terry, MD.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been a member of the King County Medical Society for 30 years.  Back in the day,  the Society published a physical “Facebook” directory that listed all members' names, credentials, photos, and office numbers to enhance communication and connectivity.
KCMS also used to publish a quarterly physical magazine filled with thoughtful articles. Every holiday season, the magazine cover featured a synopsis of the world’s faith traditions, featuring an interpretation of the Golden Rule.

 'Blessed is who prefers his brother to himself.' 
 “In happiness and sorrow, in joy and in pain, we should consider every creature as we consider ourselves.' 
'This is the sum of duty. Do not unto others that which would cause you pain if done to you.' 
‘Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.’
 ‘Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your loss.'
 ‘For a state that is not pleasant or delightful to me must also be to him; and a state that is not pleasing or delightful to me, how could I inflict that upon another?’
‘That nature alone is good which refrains from doing to another whatsoever is not good for itself.'
‘Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them. This is the meaning of the Law of Moses and the teaching of the Prophets.'
'What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor; that is the whole Torah; all the rest of it is commentary.'
 ‘Not one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.’
 “Be charitable to all beings, love is the representation of God.”
 'I am a stranger to no one, and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all.' 

  As physicians, we dedicate our lives to making a meaningful contribution to the human bodies in our care and the body of medical knowledge.  It is also essential that we care for ourselves and for one another as colleagues to support, value, and see one another in unique personhood. Whatever your celebratory traditions, in the spirit of the Golden Rule,  I would like to acknowledge that the divine light in me bows to the divine light within you – and I honor the place in you that is the same as it is in me.  May we silently greet everyone we meet with that intention so as we lean into our innate knowing, the peace we desire begins within.
Compliments of the Season,

Sharing the KCMS-CF Gala Videos

For our awards gala last month, KCMS-Community Foundation created a video called "Caring, Sharing, Daring." This video looks at the many accomplishments of KCMS legislatively and in response to COVID-19. We know many of you couldn't join us, so we are sharing for your enjoyment.

We are very proud of our work, thanks to many of our amazing members and incredible staff, and hope you will enjoy the video.

We also share a fun intro video that we used to open the Excellence in Medicine Awards Gala that Dr. Kevin Johnson so graciously starred in.

Thank you to all who have supported KCMS in 2022. We are excited to continue to champion you in 2023 and beyond.
Caring, Sharing, Daring Video
Introduction Video with Dr. Kevin Johnson

End-of-Year Giving Suggestion

If you want an opportunity to focus your year-end giving, please donate to the KCMS-Community Foundation (CF). The KCMS-CF is a 501 (c) 3 charity and will provide you with a tax acknowledgment letter for donations over $250.

The Excellence in Medicine Gala provided a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for our Student Scholarship. Still, we also know that about 31% of all annual giving occurs in December, and 12% occurs in the last three days of the month! 

So, please take advantage of year-end tax deductions, and provide opportunities for medical students by donating to the KCMS-CF Scholarships.
Click the button below to donate, or please send a check payable to:
KCMS Community Foundation 
200 Broadway
Seattle, WA. 98122
Tax Deductable Donations HERE

Legislative Summit

The 2023 Washington state legislative session begins on Monday, Jan. 9. As of today, the session is scheduled to have lawmakers convene in person.
The 2023 WSMA Legislative Summit will meet at the state Capitol on Feb. 3, 2023.  WSMA members can attend for free. The Summit will include lunch, updates from healthcare policy leaders, a presentation on WSMA’s legislative agenda, and optional meetings with your legislative delegation.

This year’s session will feature a new chair of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee and require legislators to write the two-year state budget while considering policies focused on healthcare.

AHRQ is recruiting surgical services teams to participate in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Safety Program for MRSA Prevention, a free 18-month program that seeks to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs), with a focus on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). We are reaching out to see if you would be willing to assist us in getting the word out about the AHRQ program to hospitals in Washington. 

Beginning in January 2023, this program combines evidence-based guidance with implementation strategies to address the attitudes, beliefs, culture, and barriers that often pose challenges to optimizing infection prevention practices. Participation in this AHRQ program will provide surgical services teams with technical assistance, coaching, webinars, and tools to support their infection prevention program. Continuing education credits will be offered at no charge to participants.
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