Holiday-themed training tips, holiday dog treat recipes, & more....
Holiday-themed training tips, holiday dog treat recipes, & more....
Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
What are you thankful for this year? For those of you with reactive or fearful dogs, I'm sure you're thankful when the holiday season is over! This time of year is full of fun and festivities, but it's also a time when dogs are especially tempted to counter surf for delicious food, and they can also be overwhelmed by an unusual amount of visitors.  
So for this edition of the Positively Newsletter, we're focusing almost exclusively on the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving, so that you and your dogs can spend these next few weeks as stress-free as possible.  
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Safe Thanksgiving with Pets
Thanksgiving Pet Safety
Making sure the turkey is cooked in time is stressful enough. The last thing anyone wants on Thanksgiving is to deal with an emergency, especially one dealing with your pups!
In an effort to help make your Thanksgiving holiday go extra smoothly and stay pet safe, we're sharing a few tips and a few hazards to avoid during your family and pet friendly celebration.
Thanksgiving hazards for pets to avoid:
  1. Water, water everywhere! Make sure your pup's water bowl is always accessible and never empty. Frequently check it throughout the day to see if the water level is running low. Make sure to pay more attention if you have visiting pets for the holidays. TIP: Set up a few different water stations in your home and introduce your pets to them before guests arrive. This way if one water bowl is blocked or dry, your dog will have other hydration options.
Dog Treats
Holiday Dog Treats
Winter holidays are a great time of year to try your hand at homemade dog treats. With so much tantalizing people food lying around, it’s more tempting than usual to offer your dog a little people-food-snack than ever—but for the sake of your dog’s health and your wallet, don’t do it! Stick to their usual diet, and try making some homemade, dog-friendly treats.
Here are five easy dog treat recipes you can try out this holiday season...
I think most pet parents would agree that an adventure isn’t complete without their four-legged friends by their side. Zuke’s treats were created to fuel life’s biggest adventures, and I always keep Zuke's on hand for both my dogs and for other dogs I’m training. I’ll only use treats with the finest natural ingredients that contain no harsh additives or preservatives, so I rest assured knowing that my Sadie and Jasmine are getting high-quality nutrition with Zuke’s. Best of all, their treats are made in the USA and are completely free of the common allergens: wheat, corn and soy. 
If you’re like me and can’t get enough Zuke’s, check out their new products at
The holidays bring a lot of guests into homes where dogs are inevitably being feed table scraps, and perhaps even helping themselves to Thanksgiving dinner. As a result of eating a high fat meal, some dogs suffer from pancreatitis the day after Thanksgiving, and any other holiday during this time of year. 
So it's timely to discuss the signs and symptoms of pancreatitis to keep your dog safe and healthy this holiday season. After all, the longer pancreatitis goes untreated, the worse the effects. If caught early this disease can be treated with little long-term damage. However, if left untreated, the results can be fatal. 
Stress-Free Holidays
Stress-Free Holidays
It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Holiday decorations are already lighting up homes and businesses, and the hustle and bustle of the winter season has begun. 
The holidays are a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends, but they can also be a challenging time when you have pets. Anxious or reactive dogs are especially prone to stress during the holidays.
Here are eight tips for keeping your dog safe and stress-free this holiday season...
Find Perfect Place for Holidays
Fido's Home Away From Home
Positively Contributor and VSPDT Laura Brody discusses finding a safe, reliable holiday pet sitter or boarding facility.   
Everyone wants to have peace of mind when they leave their dog in the care of someone while on vacation. Here are some recommendations for finding the perfect place for your pet.
Is a boarding facility the right place for your dog while you're away? Do not board an elderly dog or one who is blind. It is hard enough for your dog to be without you; asking them to acclimate to a strange environment is beyond what most older or sight-impaired dog can handle. The best thing you can do for them is keep them in their own home with a reliable house/pet sitter.
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Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
In Case You Missed It
Did you miss it? Victoria's post about Delta's new pet safety travel requirements stirred up lots of shares and comments. 
Opinions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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Canada Seminar
Victoria is coming to Canada! She's bringing her "Inside a Dog's Mind" live show to Ontario for a one-day seminar in April 2016. 
If you're a pet professional or a pet parent who wants to learn more about how your dog thinks and learns, you're not going to want to miss this rare opportunity to see and interact with Victoria live and in person. 
Training Tools
Holly Blakney
Holly is the President and Co-Founder/Owner of Dog Training Academy of South Florida. The Academy is one of its kind and offers a full curriculum for all levels and disciplines. All training is force-free.  
Holly has been training dogs for over 15 years and showing dogs in competition obedience, herding, and agility for 13 years. In addition to obedience and agility she also enjoys sheep herding with her dogs and volunteering in nursing homes, hospitals, and elementary schools performing Pet Assisted Therapy.  
Need a dog behavior expert in the Davie, FL area? Get in touch with Holly today: 
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Victoria Stilwell in the Media
Table Manners
Victoria was featured in the October/November edition of Dogster Magazine. This edition's read is all about table manners and how to stop your dog from begging at the table. 
Canine Senses
Top Tip
Counter surfing is especially tempting for your dog during the holidays, as there's lots of delicious food on the table and we humans are busy with guests and holiday plans.  
If you don't have time to work on training with your dog before the hustle and bustle on the holidays, simply manage the behavior by putting up a physical barrier that blocks your dog's access to the kitchen or dining room. A baby gate is an easy solution that keeps you and your dog happy and stress-free (and keeps the turkey on the table). 
Kindness is Powerful
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