News and resources for airport employees.
News and resources for airport employees.
Jimmie Hudson, smiling and wearing a jacket with a G2 Secure Staff emblam.
Spotted at PDX: Superb Service by Jimmie Hudson
Great service often elicits compliments, but providing such exemplary service that passersby take note? That’s impressive!
Two PDX visitors took the time to send in recognition, detailing their observations of Jimmie Hudson with G2 Secure Staff.
“We wanted to send our appreciation to Jimmie. While we were not the beneficiaries of his service, my wife and I saw him – on multiple occasions – doing a great job.
From getting folks wheelchairs to helping passengers needing extra assistance and giving directions, we both noticed how compassionate and professional this gentleman was with everyone. We felt compelled to write a note to say that it was just really nice to see someone do such a thorough and thoughtful job with all passengers."
Jimmie was a winner at the PDX People Customer Service Awards, where we recognize airport employees who truly stand out as extraordinary. Missed the last virtual awards ceremony? View the event recording or read about past winners.
You can also nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service – submit a nomination now.
Nominate a PDX Employee
View of the PDX ticket lobby from above, showing scaffolding.
What's New with PDX Next: More Scaffolding, Crane Work and Bypasses
Over the next week, expect to see additional scaffolding go up in the ticket lobby by the south exit lanes. Scaffolding work will take place late at night and in the early morning to minimize the impact on travelers.
Crane work wrapped up last Thursday thanks to a huge team effort – read more in the article below. Watch for additional crane work at the end of the month, though the impact will greatly reduced: You'll likely see re-routing of the south exit lane during late night hours. We'll share more details as plans are finalized.
The north and south bypasses are getting closer to opening. While construction dates can shift, we anticipate the north bypass will open on Monday, Sept. 13 and the south bypass on Monday, Oct. 11.
Giant crane at PDX, on the airfield there are planes in the background and the sun is setting.
PDX People Rise to New Heights While Coordinating Crane Work
The crane work that wrapped up last Thursday was a tall order: Use a 1.2 million lb. capacity Liedbherr crane to pick up nine giant pieces of HVAC ductwork and place them on the ticket lobby roof for future installation. And, of course, do it all while keeping PDX operational and ensuring the safety of passengers and employees.
Thanks to an extraordinary effort from PDX tenants and partners – including TSA, airlines, Hoffman-Skanska and the Port of Portland's airport operations team, who set up an incident command center – the crane work was executed safely. Thanks to everyone who helped make this project a success!
Question mark in a speech bubble on a yellow background.
Construction Hotline Answers the Call...and Your Questions
See something you’re curious about or have a suggestion that's related to PDX Next construction?
If you have a comment, question or non-urgent concern, the PDX Next construction hotline at 503.460.4339 is the best number to call. If you prefer email, send a note to The PDX Next experts on the other end will return your call – you might even recognize the voice if you attend our monthly PDX Next forums!
For immediate safety concerns, call the PDX Communication Center's non-emergency number at 503.460.4747. For life-threatening issues or medical, fire or police emergencies, call the emergency line at 503.460.4000.
Water dispenser on the roadway at PDX.
Fill Up Before You Clock In
With summer temperatures hitting the 90s and above, it's important to have water at work. It's recommended that you drink water every 15 minutes when working in hot conditions, and don't wait until you're thirsty to drink.
To help you stay hydrated, we placed a water station at the employee shuttle drop-off spot. Take a moment to fill up your water bottle when you arrive at PDX, then review these hot weather tips to stay cool, safe and quenched during your work day.
United airlines plane on a runway.
United Becomes First Major U.S. Airline to Require Employees Be Vaccinated
NPR recently reported that United Airlines told its 67,000 U.S.-based employees that they'll need to be inoculated against COVID-19 by late October to stay on the job. Citing "incredibly compelling" evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective, United CEO Scott Kirby announced that all U.S. domestic employees of the airline be fully vaccinated by Oct. 25 or five weeks from the date that any one vaccine gets full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, whichever comes first. While United was the first major U.S. carrier to require vaccination, now Hawaiian Airlines is following suit. Currently, Southwest, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are not requiring vaccines.
Top image: A crane lifting a steel piece with an american flag on to a giant steel beam. Middle: an aerial view of the new roof being constructed. Bottom: A rendering of the future interior of the ticket lobby at PDX featuring the wooden roof.
PDX in Pictures
From topping out to a bird's eye view to sunny skylights.
Earlier this week, teams working on the roof for the new main terminal placed the last section of structural steel for the skylights in a traditional "topping out" ceremony. This series of images gives you a good idea of current progress and what it will eventually look like as beams of Pacific Northwest sunshine stream through the curvy wooden roof.

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