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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #2
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #2
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Fall 2021 #2

September 6, 2021

First Impressions

by Hannah Horsington, MUDEC newsletter intern
Two weeks ago, over 100 Miami University students arrived at the Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) to begin their semester abroad. Coming from all across the country, the students met at the Luxembourg airport to begin their journeys to host families, apartments and hotels where they will be staying for the next four months.
On Saturday, their first full day in Luxembourg, the students met at the school (also referred to as the “Château”) to begin the two-day integration period. Morning activities included a tour of the Château, a Château scavenger hunt and a photo challenge around Differdange. Later in the day, students broke into groups to visit various sites around Luxembourg, including the German and American military cemeteries, Luxembourg City, Bourscheid Castle, the Patton Museum and Beaufort Castle.
On Sunday, students began the day writing a letter to their future selves, which they’ll open at the end of the semester. They then participated in a culture shock exercise called BafaBafa, which challenged them to think about how to approach cultural differences and learn about the elements of culture shock they may encounter on their travels. Students later broke into groups again to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before heading to more site visits throughout the country.
After a very busy few days, students finished their integrated period with the start of classes and even got to listen to a speaker from the U.S. embassy in Luxembourg!
Over the next 15 weeks, students will continue to take classes at the Château and engage in various cultural activities such as guest lectures, concerts, movie debates, Discovery Tours, and more! On the weekends, students are encouraged to travel somewhere else to learn about that culturewherever they want!
The Chateau, with a welcome sign visible in foreground Lux city as seen from bridge Bourscheid Castle
Left to right: The Chateau; Lux City; Bourscheid Castle
We asked three of our newsletter interns to share their personal thoughts on this subject! Throughout the semester, you'll be able to enjoy their first person accounts as they explore MUDEC and beyond.
Hannah Horsington Meta Hoge Maddie Kelley
Left to right: Hannah Horsington, Meta Hoge, and Maddie Kelley

What was your first impression of Luxembourg?

Hannah Horsington: 
My first impression of Luxembourg was that the country was beautiful! On the ride from the airport to the hotel where I’m living, I couldn’t stop looking out the window. Even in Luxembourg City, there are trees and flowers everywhere and nature is still very much part of the scenery. In my opinion, the most beautiful place I’ve seen so far in Luxembourg was the land around Bourscheid Castle in northern Luxembourg.
Meta Hoge: My first impression of Luxembourg was that it is a rich mix of urban and rural areas and that the different areas are closely intertwined. One of the most interesting sights I have seen so far is a pen with cows in between two townhouses. I also loved the architecture right from the start. It’s cool to see how different residential buildings look here than they are back home.
Maddie Kelley: When we took the bus from the airport, I saw so many trees and everything around me was just green. When we got closer to the Castle it was very interesting to see all the different colored buildings, which is something you don’t really see in Ohio. I also noticed how many trains and buses were around and that felt different to me, since public transportation isn’t as big where I come from.

What was your favorite part of the first weekend in Luxembourg?

Hannah: My favorite part was the tour through Luxembourg City! Raymond Manes, executive director of MUDEC, knew all the best spots in the city. He took us through both old and new parts of the city, on a tram, and even down into the valley in a glass elevator with amazing views!
Meta: My favorite part was going to the General Patton Memorial Museum. I’m a big WWII history enthusiast, so getting to learn about what Luxembourg was like during that time period and the role the U.S. had in liberating Luxembourg from Nazi rule was fascinating. I also enjoyed spending time with my host family and getting to know them.
Maddie: My favorite part of my first weekend was going to the Château de Vianden. It was a very old castle up in a cute town in northern Luxembourg. It was very interesting being able to tour the castle and find out more about its history. We even stopped at the end of the tour for a little cup of coffee and a chocolate. A great tour for our first weekend!

Discovery Tours Kick Off—Close to Home

by Daniel Riecker, MUDEC Student Activities Coordinator
Though it’s only been a few short weeks since their arrival, our students have hit the ground running! Classrooms are full, favorite study spaces have been scoped out, and the Grand Hall has already played host to two guest speaker events. The beautiful fall weather we have been having lately has given the outdoor terrace and hammocks the edge over the “cave” as the preferred hang-out space (for now!). The Student Faculty Council is eagerly organizing French tables, movie nights, and murder mystery dinners. The castle truly is abuzz with activity.
As Student Activities Coordinator, a big part of my job is to bring small groups out into Luxembourg and the greater region on “Discovery Tours.” Through these excursions, the students can have experiences they might not have otherwise had on their own. This past Saturday, we struck out into the heart of the Minettthe industrial southern edge of Luxembourgto learn about the country’s mining heritage. Though descending down into an iron mine might not be at the top of every student’s European must-do list, it is certainly a memorable experience, and one that gives us new appreciation for Luxembourg’s history and culture. The hard hats made for a fun photo opportunity as well.
Of course, none of these tours would be possible without the generous support of our alumni. I’ve got over a dozen Discovery Tour itineraries planned for the coming weeks and am excited to show the students more of the culture and natural beauty of this often-overlooked corner of Europe. Thank you to all of you who have made these sorts of experiences possible for our students. Stay tuned for more!
Students in hard hats and face masks tour the mine A medical cabinet is visible as students look into the mine Smiling students wear hard hats outside the mine, near a railroad car
Touring the mine Group pose in Minett

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