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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2020 #10
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2020 #10
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Fall 2020 #10

 October 26, 2020


  • Study Tour Recaps: HST
  • BaFa BaFa simulation: ITS


  • Zoom lecture with Dr. Richard Jobs - "Backpack Ambassadors"


  • Autumn in Luxembourg

Study Tour Recaps: HST in Berlin

Berlin is quite relevant for a class on Cold War History, to say the least. Students biked all over the city, saw the ruins of the Wall, toured the Reichstag, and even explored a former tuberculosis sanitorium!
Agent Farrell in the DDR (Museum) getting a hot tip on subversive behavior in the neighborhood 
Baum und Zeit, a former tuberculosis sanitorium turned into Soviet prison camp, which after a period of abandonment was turned into a state park.

ITS315 - Intercultural Simulation

ITS 315 played BaFa BaFa, an simulation game intended to improve participants' cross-cultural competence by helping them understand the impact of culture on the behavior of people and organizations. Participants experience "culture shock" by traveling to and trying to interact with a culture in which the people have different values, different ways of behaving and different ways of solving problems.
The "Beta culture" barters in their own language
Dr. Stephanie Shaheen's dog, Hazel, was wiped out by the intercultural exchange

Zoom Lecture: Dr. Richard Jobs

"Backpack Ambassadors: How Youth Travel Integrated Europe"
Thanks to coordination by Dr. Elena Albarrán, MUDEC students had the opportunity to learn about a topic very relevant to their current experience: the history of youth travel in Europe! 
Even today, in an era of cheap travel and constant connection, the image of young people backpacking across Europe remains seductively romantic. In Backpack Ambassadors, Richard Ivan Jobs tells the story of backpacking in Europe in its heyday, the decades after World War II, revealing that these footloose young people were doing more than just exploring for themselves. Rather, with each step, each border crossing, each friendship, they were quietly helping knit the continent together.
Students in Dr. Albarrán's class even dug into the MUDEC archives to find primary sources from their predescessors! They shared their favorite documents during the talk, and got expert commentary from Dr. Jobs.
Heather Hajjar presents a youth hostel brochure from the Hague (1990)
Madeline Whistler presents a Paris field trip assignment (1981-82)
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The Magic of Alsace Discovery Tour was postponed, so this week we will feature some autumn scenes from around Luxembourg!
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  • 7pm: SFC Halloween Pumpkin Carving (Grand Hall)
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