Free face shields, COVID-19 resources, UCF deadline approaching
Free face shields, COVID-19 resources, UCF deadline approaching

*For the latest COVID-19 resources and links go to our resource page*

Weekly Update
Week of March 30


Just let us know what you need
A grateful past free clinic patient wants to give back and help the clinics that helped her when she needed it. She has 3D printed several face shields that she would like to donate to our membership. Let us know if you are interested and how many you would like shipped to your clinic in the survey below. These shields are free to our clinics. Shipping may be covered by grant funds if we are approved for funding, if not, clinics will only need to pay shipping.
Free face shield order form

Important Dates

Q3 UCF Direct Services Reporting Due

April 17, 2020

UCF Development Grant Application Due

April 24, 2020

2020 Safety-Net Symposium


September 18-19, 2020

Medical Supplies for Donation

A central Ohio resident has several boxes of medical supplies she would like to donate to our clinics. She has: 1 wheelchair, 2 shower chairs, 1 extra wide toilet chair, 3 walker, 3 grippers (to get items out of reach), 2 large bottles of Tide, 9 boxes of Repard Uniboot, many gauze roll, many coban rolls, many sensi wrap rolls, 16 packages of underpads/beltless garment, 3 chux bundles, 2 boxes of duoderm, 30 sterile pads, 2 spirometers, 5 bottles of cloro, 5 64 packs of pampers baby wipes, 6 large reusable underpads. 
She is happy to deliver these supplies to any clinic in the central Ohio area. If your clinic would like any of these supplies, please email Katie Kisseberth at

Charitable Healthcare and COVID-19: a Weekly Discussion Group

The Charitable Healthcare Network is hosting a weekly virtual discussion group for Ohio's charitable healthcare organizations. Here we will check-in with one another as well as share resources and strategies on our approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings will be held Wednesdays from 11am-12pm. Click the link below to register!
Register for the COVID-19 Discussion Group

NAFC COVID-19 Funding Opportunity
Rolling Funding Application

NAFC continues to develop funding programs to assist member organizations with COVID19 responses, therefore they are opening a rolling emergency funding grant application for
members to complete. Member organizations will complete a brief emergency application one
time and as money becomes available, the NAFC team - along with funding partners - will refer
to the completed applications which will facilitate a timely review and distribution of approved
funds. Currently, the NAFC has received a $175,000 grant to assist member organizations in the
following areas:
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine programs
  • Tests & Equipment programs
  • Medication Access programs

Important Funding Information:
  • Funding will be awarded in grant amounts ranging between $2,500 - $10,00
  • Funding must be utilized for COVID-19 related efforts, and specifically for what is submitted
    through the application.
  • Funding must be utilized by June 30, 2020.

Reporting: There will be one (1) evaluation due at the 3-month mark that will ask for
information on how the funding was spent, and what kind of impact was obtained.
Click here for the full funding memo
Click here to submit an application for consideration

 UCF Development Grant Applications Available Now

The new UCF Development Grant application was released late last week. There are three UCF funding opportunities:  Direct Services, IT Development, and QA Development.  The Direct Services funding was released last fall.  RFPs for IT & QA Development are now open. The grant cycle will run from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Applications are due to the CHN Dropbox by April 24, 2020.

Click the links below for the application instructions and application: 

The Application Instruction Sheet (PDF)
- The Application for Funding (PDF / Word)

Watch the March 31st webinar review of the grant application here

(O) 614-869-3412, or (E) 
Register for the UCF Development Grant Webinar

 Ohio's Network for Charitable Healthcare Resource Sharing

Stay connected with your fellow charitable healthcare organizations! The Charitable Healthcare Network wants to make sure that everyone is in the loop and knows that they are not alone during this pandemic. CHN members are invited to join 'Ohio's Network for Charitable Healthcare Resource Sharing' Facebook group to stay up to date and connected with clinics across the state. Ask each other questions, share resources, and help each other find unique solutions to this novel challenge we are all facing. Click below to join the group.
Join Ohio's Network for Charitable Healthcare Resource Sharing

UCF Direct Services Grant Reporting Due April 17, 2020

For everyone receiving Direct Services UCF funding, Q3 reports are due April 17, 2020. This report will cover January 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020. We understand that these unprecedented times, there may be some dramatic changes in your numbers in either direction. That is ok! As always, please report as accurately as possible. In the coming week we will be sending out details on how to report any telehealth services you may be providing.
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