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To my SWEAT peeps... 
Happy Monday my friends and here's to another opportunity for us to make this week in the gym and in our lives fabulous.  The door is open today for you to write your entire week out.   It can unveil itself as you see it and as you want it to be.  You are in charge of this.  You are the dictator of who is allowed to be included in your life this week and who is not; what will get done and what will not; how hard you will work in the gym, at your job, and in your relationships.  You are the ruler of your world and what you do with it is solely up to you.  This is your one and only life.....make if fabulous!!!

Let's catch up on gym talk.....

Christmas/New Year's Week Class Schedule

Take a peak at our classes for Christmas and New Years.  You know they'll be fun as hell so make sure you get signed up as we get closer!

Monday 12/24:
Christmas Eve Craze with Laura, Ashley & Melissa

8:30 am - 9:45 am 

You know how these Holiday workouts go.....CRAAAAAAZY fun with lots of laughs and still a seriously great workout!  Come get your "last chance workout" in before SWEAT closes it's doors and your stuck with your in laws, a bunch of crazy kids, your egg nog lattes and hopefully a lot of wine and vodka.   It’ll be fun as hell and a great way to start your festivities!!  You definitely don't want to miss this one.

** Open gym hours from 6:00 - 8:30 am and then from 9:45 - 11:00 am.  


Tuesday 12/25:
Closed for Christmas


Wednesday 12/26:
Regular hours and class schedule

Monday 12/31:
New Year's Eve Countdown Workout with Laura & Melissa

9:00 am - 10:15 am 

Let's start the last day of the year off like badasses so we feel absolutely great about our plans for the night!  You know how it goes...75 minutes of hard core shit.  Add in a crazy twist here and there, a block run of some sort with something, all while laughing and SWEATing your asses off...literally.  There is no better way to start the last day of the year!!!!

** Open gym hours from 6:00 - 9:00 am and then from 10:15 am - 11:00 am.  

Tuesday 1/1/19:
New Year's Recovery Ride with Laura
9:30 - 10:45 am 

"Get your head cleared. Your mind right. And your soul fed."

Join me for the opening day of  2019.....Commit yourself to riding for life; to     a new year; new beginnings; closing the door to yesterday; starting not only a new year but also a new day; new visions; more love, more laughs, more you time."   We are starting late enough that you have time to sip a cup or two of    coffee and have a little you time before facing your first workout of the        New Year: 2019!  Feel free to invite anyone to join you.   You know you have that friend that has talked all year about coming to SWEAT.   Invite them now!  It's the perfect time.   
SWEAT Annual Pass
I’ve had many requests to consider letting people pay for the year.  “It’d make my life more simple.“  With this in mind, I’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to make your fitness life just a little more simple and stress free.  This offer includes the following:
  • A bakers dozen...13 months of classes for the price of 12.  ($130 savings and needs to be purchased upfront).

  • The convenience of not having to process a card each month on Mindbody.  The card will be opened for you the day you purchase.

  • No more worrying about sleeping through your alarm and missing class. No shows and late cancels do not apply to you during this time. 

If I peaked your interest, just text me and I’ll get you set up.  If you have questions, text me and I'll get them answered.  My doors are always open...

Your feedback please...
As I reflect on this past year, I continually think about the service I provide to each and every one of you.  My goal still remains to provide the best to you all that is humanly possible.  Whether it's the cleanliness of the gym, the variety of the classes and equipment, the amount of educational material I send out, I am always thinking of ways I can bring you 150% and impact your life in the most positive way.  So I thought it'd be an appropriate time to hear from all of you.  What's been amazing.  What might need some improvement.  Anything at all.  So I put together a little survey to help guide your thoughts and allow you to provide any feedback that might help make 2019 even more stellar than it will be.  It's anonymous.  So please feel free to share any thoughts.  That's how we grow and become the best version of ourselves.  It's only 10 questions so shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.  I appreciate your time in helping SWEAT to always be better than the rest. Click here for survey. 
I am very excited about a  new year.   I'm looking forward to hearing about your goals for this upcoming year and then spending time on how I can help you reach these goals.   I'm looking forward to our new treadmill, Lunch and Learns coming back each month, some new Physical Challenges, and the overall goal of educating you, continuing your holistic lifestyle of living, and always improving all aspects of your lives.  

Your new packet of paperwork will be available starting the 27th to fill out.  You will also see a Goals Sheet and a Body Fat sheet.  Please either allow 10 minutes before your training session to fill out or even better, take home where it's quiet and spend a little time on it.  As we embrace another year into our fitness realm, it's imperative that your training gets you results in the areas that are important to you, given the place you are in life presently.  SWEAT is not just "an ass kicking."   It's providing you what you need to reach your fullest potential.   

.“We only get to play this game one time. We have only one life. 

Love your family, work super hard, live your passion."

~Gary V

Much love,
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