Boronia | March Specials
Boronia |  March Specials

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March 01, 2017
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Boronia Flower Absolute
Boronia Flower Absolute
Boronia Flower Absolute is a dark amber-golden colored viscous liquid displaying a fresh, warm, rich, sweet, floral, herbaceous bouquet with a suave fruity, coumarinic, delicate tea-like undertone. It has an elegant, refined, and gentle radiance which quietly spreads into the environment surrounding  revealing a fine aromatic aura which is unusual and delightful

In natural perfumery is used high class florals, fruit accords, Oriental bouquets, garland perfumes
Angelica Seed France
Angelica Seed Essential Oil
Angelica archangelica  
$60 oz

Regular  $80 oz
Combava Peel
Combava Peel Essential Oil
Citrus hystrix
$12 oz

Regular  $18 oz
Labdanum Heart Note Essential Oil
Cistus ladaniferus
Wild Harvest
$75 oz

Regular  $100 oz
Dear Friends-
Kind greetings!

We hope that all of you are doing well as Spring approaches.

We are continuing to build our inventory of absolutes, attars, ruhs  and natural blends. We hope you will find aromatic treasures amongst them which you can use in your creative perfumery work

Our stock reduction of all essential oils and co2 extracts is going well, with the support of our customers and friends. As most of you are aware we will not be replacing the above two categories of our aromatic offerings once any specific essence is sold off.

In our specials section you will discover the essential oils and co2 extracts which are currently on sale.


Clove Bud Absolute
Clove Bud Absolute
Clove Bud Absolute (Eugenia caryophyllata)  displays a smooth, rich, aromatic/spicy bouquet with a sweet-sour fruity, delicate woody/floral undertone of fine tenacity. In natural perfumery used in Oriental boquets, floral bases (ylang, night queen, rose, carnation, narcissus, white ginger lily and cassie), spice accords, incense notes, men's perfumes.

Fir Balsam Coeur
Fir Balsam “Coeur” Absolute
Fir Balsam Coeur Absolute is extracted from the needles and small branches of the conifer Abies balsamea growing in Eastern Canada.  The absolute displays a rich, warm, green, resinous bouquet with a sweet, woody, delicate coumarinic undertone of excellent tenacity.In natural perfumery it is used in holiday bouquets, forest notes, sacred perfumes, incense bouquets, colognes, new mown hay, amber notes
More Specials
Crocuses at Dawn
But from the little crocus which announced the recurring birth of Nature, the witness to the fact that for one hundred years March had whispered there the secret of the year to a listening earth, I caught the thrilling, stirring, hopeful, and joyous song of Spring. From the warm brown earth, and the air, and the birds, came thoughts that trembled toward expression. I felt a subtle spiritual suggestion, the realization that a life once lived in vigor and fulness never dies. It sets in motion forces which carry messages to posterity; it gives to dreams, to aspirations, to hopes, an entity.
                      from A SONG OF SPRING  BY JANE W. GUTHRIE
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