A message from the TCU President
A message from the TCU President
Tufts Student Life
AUGUST 14, 2020
TCU President Sarah Wiener
Sarah Wiener 'A21
TCU President
Dear Jumbos,
Welcome to Tufts! I’m Sarah Wiener, the current Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate President (it’s like our student council, but we do much more than plan prom). I came to Tufts from Denver, Colorado with no clue of what I wanted to study in college, and four years later, I am majoring in Philosophy and Political Science, with a minor in Colonialism Studies. Holy cannoli I cannot tell you how excited I am to welcome you to the “Herd.” 
There are a million and one ways to find your place in our heard-on-a-hill of Jumbos. Of course (with no personal bias whatsoever) TCU Senate – our elected body that distributes money to student organizations, works with administrators to change university policy, and represents student voices in broader, institutional decisions – is the best way to get involved. If you’re interested in organizing social events, consider joining the Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC). If you want to explore student-facing policy decisions with faculty, join the Committee on Student Life (CSL). Whether your interest is Quidditch or community organizing, there is a micro-community for you, and we’re excited to think creatively with you all about the possibilities for how those groups will look this year.
Even with a detailed plan of how this year will function on campus amidst COVID-19, coming to college is, by nature, shrouded in uncertainty. That uncertainty was (or still is!) scary for all of us, but not knowing what to expect means that everything is a possibility. The work that our community members have put in over the summer in preparing Tufts for the fall is indicative of a revolutionary mindset that we cannot wait to share with you. I have sometimes felt that trying to do anything with Coronavirus in the world leaves so much out of my control, but your time at Tufts still is your college experience. You can grow the fabric of our community by sewing your own story of socially-distanced games on the quad, vulnerable and bonding moments of sharing with close friends that turn into lifelong family, dance performances that are broadcasted all around campus and the world!
You all are entering college at a time when Tufts is growing at an unprecedented rate. Tufts community members have been working all summer to respond not only to COVID-19, but to police brutality and racism. At the highest levels, the university is considering how institutional processes inhibit our abilities to respond to emergencies. Faculty members are creating new committees and resources for each other to teach more about race, and to adopt classes to new online formats when needed. Students have been organizing in person protests, and collaborating and crowdsourcing ideas online. The Herd is redefining, reweaving, and tightly knitting our global community to be closer and bigger than it ever has been before. We are lifting each other up at every chance we get. Now you all are getting your very own pieces of thread.
If you need anything before the school year starts, or just want to say hi, feel free to add me on social media or email me at sarah.wiener@tufts.edu. Welcome to Tufts University, but more importantly welcome to the Jumbo community. Welcome to the herd!

Sarah Wiener
Tufts Community Union Senate President
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