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We are resending the below eNews to make a few corrections.
Electronic Delivery of Documents to AmeriNat
Effective immediately, Minnesota Housing allows Rehabilitation and Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program documents to be sent to AmeriNat via an email attachment, except for the original note.
  • The original note must still be mailed to AmeriNat within the required five day timeframe.
  • Securely email documents to AmeriNat at NewLoansMN@amerinatls.com.
  • Electronic copies must be legible to be accepted as an alterative to mailed documents.
  • If you prefer to mail documents to AmeriNat you may continue to do so.
  • The Loan Transmittal Form has been updated to reflect these changes.
Continue to upload copies of trailing documents into Minnesota Housing's loan commitment system instead of mailing them to the office. Be sure to upload these documents separately from the entire closed loan package and use the "Trailing Documents" category to label the documents.
Contact Tonya Taylor at 651.296.8844.
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