See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences: Faculty Getting Press
February 2021

Among the Columbian College faculty getting press during January were the following individuals:

American Studies


Eric Cline was mentioned by Winston-Salem Journal in the article “John Micek: Three things that kept me sane in 2020.’’

Roy Richard Grinker was featured in the article “How the Stigma of Mental Illness Has Evolved Over Time,’’ by Psychology Today. He spoke to WHYY-FM’s “Radio Times’’ in the segment ““Nobody’s Normal:” reducing mental health stigma”; and Albany, N.Y.’s WAMC-FM’s “The Roundtable’’ in the segment “Mental Illness And Stigma With Anthropologist Roy Richard Grinker.” His book, Nobody's Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness, was reviewed by The New York Times. 

Sean Roberts was quoted by Voice of America in the article “Uighur Diaspora Hails Removal of ETIM From US Terror List.’’

Sarah Wagner was interviewed on C-SPAN2 about the search for the remains of Americans who fought in Vietnam.

Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Christopher Rollston was quoted by Smithsonian Magazine in the article “Who Invented the Alphabet?’’ 


Forensic Sciences




Media & Public Affairs

Dante Chinni spoke to WAMU-FM’s “1A’’ in the segment “Dissecting The Data Of The American Political Landscape.’’

Jesse J. Holland spoke to Voice of America’s “Press Conference USA” in the segment “Dynamics of Protests from the March on Washington.’’

Peter Loge was quoted by Sinclair Broadcast Group in the article “Growing calls for President Trump to be removed from office’’; and by Forbes in the article “How And Why Corporate Lobbying Will Continue To Matter During The Biden Administration.”

Frank Sesno was quoted by Reuters in the article “Newsmax, OAN vie for Trump loyalists as Georgia votes.’’ He spoke to CNN and Canada’s CBC News Network about the legacy of Larry King. He was also quoted by Forbes in the article “Can Nexstar’s `Fact-Based’ And ‘Unbiased’ News Channel Attract Viewers?” and by Sinclair Broadcast Group in the article “Fox billionaire Rupert Murdoch warns of a 'wave of censorship.’”


Neil Johnson gave comments to Sinclair Broadcast Group. He was quoted by CGTN in the article “COVID-19 Vaccine: Fight against misinformation.’’ He spoke to WJLA-ABC7 about the impact of President Trump’s ban on social media sites. 

Carol O'Donnell authored the article “Learning Science at Home,” for Smithsonian Magazine.

Political Science

Sarah Binder was quoted by The Wall Street Journal in the article “How Trump Allies in Congress Plan to Challenge Joe Biden’s Electoral College Win.’’ She spoke to CNN. She was also quoted by The New York Times in the article “With New Majority, Here’s What Democrats Can (and Can’t) Do on Health Care"; by Reuters in the article “Analysis: Narrow Democratic majorities in Congress could limit ambitious Biden agenda’’; and by WNYC’s “The Takeaway’’ in the segment “In Joint Session, Congress Readies to Count Electoral College Votes.’’ She spoke to The Washington Post in the podcast “Trump incited a mob. American Democracy suffered.’’ She was quoted by Bloomberg Tax in the article “Democratic Edge in Senate Opens Narrow Path for Workplace Bills’’; by Vox in the article “Kamala Harris is poised to be a historic — and influential — vice president”; and by CNBC in the article “While the U.S. may be closer than ever to a $15 federal minimum wage, the idea still faces stiff opposition.” She was also quoted by The Los Angeles Times in the article “News Analysis: Kamala Harris is headed back to the Senate, whether she likes it or not”; and by Slate in the article “Who Will Hold the Power in the New Senate?” Additionally, She was quoted by McClatchy in the article “Democrats reintroduce $15 federal minimum wage plan. Here’s how it would work”; and by Newsy in the article “Explaining The Filibuster And Why The Senate Might Eliminate It.” She spoke to WBUR-FM’s “Here & Now’’ in the segment “What Is The Filibuster — And Why Is There Such A Battle Over It?”

Adam Dean was quoted by Time in the article “The Challenges Posed By COVID-19 Pushed Many Workers to Strike. Will the Labor Movement See Sustained Interest?’’

Harvey Feigenbaum was quoted by Vox in the article “Violent anti-lockdown protests sweep the Netherlands.”

Samuel Goldman was quoted by Toronto Star in the article “Donald Trump, isolated and angry, has been defanged, but his poison still courses through America’s veins.”

John Logsdon was quoted by ABC News in the article “Corporate space flight lifts off in 2020: The major missions over the past year’’; by Politico in the Space Roundup; and by The Washington Post in the article “Trump pushed for a moon landing in 2024. It’s not going to happen.’’ He was also quoted by Time in the article “The Biden Presidency Could Fundamentally Change the U.S. Space Program.”

Marc Lynch was quoted by Columbia Journalism Review in the article “Press freedom and the Arab Spring, ten years on.”

David Shambaugh was mentioned by NPR in the article “Trio Of Books Shows A Southeast Asia Caught Between World Powers.’’ He was quoted by South China Morning Post in the article “China’s fumble: Beijing dropped the ball after Donald Trump’s US left the global stage, analysts say.’’ He spoke to C-SPAN2 about the power struggle between the U.S. and China in Southeast Asia and to BBC World about President Biden’s economic agenda. He was also quoted by The New York Times in the article “Biden’s Nightmare May Be China.”

Public Policy and Public Administration

Regulatory Studies Center

The Regulatory Studies Center was mentioned by Huff Post in the article “How Democrats Can Disappear Some Of The Trump Legacy Pretty Quickly’’;  and by Roll Call in the article “Biden moves quickly to restore environmental protections eased by Trump.”

Susan Dudley was quoted by Bloomberg Law in the article “Biden Team in a Bind Over Reversing EPA’s ‘Secret Science’ Rule’’; and by Washington Examiner in the article “Daily on Energy: Trump deregulations in Democratic crosshairs for cancellation.” She spoke to Marketplace about undoing regulations and to Federal News Network’s “Federal Drive With Tom Temin’’ in the segment “Measuring the Trump administration’s goal of decreasing agency regulations.’’ Additionally, She was quoted by The Hill in the article “Biden signals major shift on regulations with first-day orders.”

Daniel R. Pérez was quoted by NBC News in the article “Trump administration speeds up 'midnight rule-making,' creating hurdles for Biden’’; by CNN in the article “Biden White House to issue memo to halt or delay midnight regulations on January 20’’; and by CBS News in the article “Biden to halt or delay Trump's "midnight regulations" on inauguration day.’’ He was also quoted by The Wall Street Journal in the article “Democratic Control of Senate Creates Path to Repeal Last-Minute Trump Policies"; by Axios in the article “Senate majority gives Democrats tool to reverse Trump policies’’; by Bloomberg Tax in the article “Beating Biden’s Day One Freeze Sparks Stampede to Lock in Rules”; and by Reuters in the article “Analysis: Congressional Democrats face challenges in repealing Wall Street-friendly rules.” 


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