The Pseudoscience Wars Immanuel Velikovsky & the Birth of the Modern Fringe
The Pseudoscience Wars Immanuel Velikovsky & the Birth of the Modern Fringe
What is science and what is bunk? Our free e-book for January is The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe, which looks at the trajectory of a major best-seller from more than fifty years ago, Worlds in Collision.  Michael D. Gordin resurrects the odd career and surprisingly influential writings of Velikovsky to explore the shifting definitions of the line that separates legitimate scientific inquiry from bunk. In an age when science is questioned throughout our political system, this free e-book is as relevant as the headlines.
“Those who are interested in how bad ideas start, how they diffuse, how they covet and resist confrontation, and how they wax and wane in popularity over time will find much food for thought in this gripping book.”—Science
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P.S. Interested in exploring how science and philosophy can interact to counter pseudoscience? Read January’s free journal article, “The Borderlands Between Science And Philosophy: An Introduction,” from The Quarterly Review of Biology.
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