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New ‘Top Docs’ episode addresses vaping/e-cig risks
The latest episode of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses the health risks associated with vaping and smoking e-cigarettes – and it features Justine E. Henao, M.D., who is an internal medicine and hospital medicine physician at Northside Hospital Forsyth and Agape Chronic Care and Hospice Care’s medical director.
Dr. Henao discusses…
The dangers associated with vaping
– What she’s seeing in the hospital as a result of vaping
– Why so many young people are vaping today
– Whether e-cigarettes help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes
– How we can reduce vaping in high schools and middle schools
– What young people should do if they’re pressured to vape or smoke e-cigarettes
– How we can help the vaping epidemic from getting worse
– What lawmakers should do to effect change
Dr. Henao is Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes’ (PAVE) Georgia representative, as well as an advisor for the student-led organization Vaping Attention to Prevention (VA2P). She is a member of MAG and the Medical Association of Atlanta (MAA) – serving as the co-chair of MAA’s Vaping Task Force.
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‘Top Docs’ is supported with a grant from Alliant Health Solutions in memory of Tom Williams, its former CEO. 
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