October 9, 2018
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Jeffrey Ratje 5-Year Review Survey
  3. Automated Thinning and Weeding Technologies Field Day
  4. AgNR In-Service 
  5. A I Workshop
  6. Perspectives on Diversity
  7. Professional Empowerment Workshop Series
Jeff Silvertooth

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The recent news emphasis at the national level regarding allegations of assault have prompted some questions regarding how similar allegations are handled in the Cooperative Extension System (CES). 

Consistent with University of Arizona (UA) policy, an allegation directed to the attention of the CES administration is immediately referred to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).  In so doing, we are directing the case for full OIE review and due process.

The OIE does an excellent job in conducting thorough, methodical, and objective reviews of a case.  Appropriately, administrative units stay completely out of the process and allow the OIE to conduct the full review independently.

The expectation within the CES is that all faculty, staff, and volunteers are treated with dignity and respect. 

All associated UA guidelines and policies are included in the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel and the Classified Staff Policy Manual for reference.

Jeffrey Ratje 5-year review survey

Jeffrey Ratje, Associate Dean of Finance and Administration, is undergoing his five-year administrator review.  The review committee invites your participation and feedback.   A Qualtrics survey was emailed to college employees on Monday, October 1.

The survey will close on Monday, October 15, 2018.

On behalf of the review committee, thank you for your participation and feedback.

Automated Thinning & Weeding Technologies Field Day- Oct 24

Come see the latest automated thinning and weeding technologies demonstrated in the field and talk with company representatives on October 24 at the Yuma Ag Center!  Please see the flyer for details. 

For more info, contact Mark Siemens
(928) 782-3836


AgNR In-Service Training

The AgNR In-Service Training is set for October 31st at the Maricopa Agricultural Center.  The training will feature presentations from seven of your peers on issues of importance to Cooperative Extension and our stakeholders. An administrative update will be provided during the lunch hour.  Registration is now open, and you are encourage to register soon.
Registration is available  

Artificial Insemination (AI) Workshop

On October 3 the University of Arizona’s Experimental Ranch, V Bar V, hosted a Livestock Artificial Insemination (AI) Workshop. Area Assistant Agents, Ashley Hall and Andrew Brischke, organized the program for 73 participants, including 22 UA Collegiate Cattle Growers, from 11 counties across the state. Topics included demonstrations of a bull soundness examination, estrous synchronization/CIDR placement and protocols, and proper AI techniques. The afternoon panel of four Arizona livestock producers shared their experiences with AI, how AI has benefitted their operation and lessons learned. The workshop would not have been successful without the assistance of Debbie and Ron Pearson, Keith and Bopper Cannon, Dr. Matt McDaniel, Bob Prosser, Chuck Backus, Jared Lyman and Bill Dunn. We would also like to thank our sponsors, ST Genetics and Allflex Animal Intelligence, for their support and presentations. 

Lettuce Intensive Workshop

Too Late….the Lettuce Intensive Workshop for Oct 12 -1 5 is filled to capacity!

However, for all those Arizona folks with interest in learning to grow lettuce and greens within hydroponics in a greenhouse or growing room, should communicate with Danae Pantoja, danaem@email.arizona.edu at CEAC about the next Workshop in January 2019.  See you then.

Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Series

Brought to you by the Division of ALVSCE  Diversity and Inclusiveness Council and the Office of Inclusive Excellence

Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series: Men’s Role in Confronting Everyday Gender-Based Violence- Michael Brasher, School of Geography and Development

Recent cultural movements highlight the scandal of everyday gender-based violence, calling into question assumptions about progress, violence, and gender in the United States. While it’s clear that male-identified folks have a role in creating change, questions of strategy and significance remain. This workshop will focus on cultivating awareness of everyday types of gender-based violence, with the goals of, first, exposing normalized behaviors and dynamics, and, second, thinking critically about meaningful approaches to prevention. Ultimately, we will examine and formulate together the question: “What is men’s role in confronting everyday forms of gender-based violence?”

October 17, 2018, 12-1 pm, ENR2 Building Room 225, Lunch provided.

Register to attend via Zoom Webinar this fall semester

Mark your calendar for the next two presentations in this series: Oct. 17, Nov. 14

Professional Empowerment Workshop Series

Please Join the CALS Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee for the Professional Empowerment Workshop Series.  This 6 workshop series will run throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. The goal of the series is to provide targeted professional development opportunities in support of career-track faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. Who should attend? All Staff and Faculty with an emphasis on those who are not on a tenure track. Upcoming workshops include:

OCTOBER 11, Effective Mentoring, 11:00am-1:00pm, 

Participants will learn some of the curriculum from NRMN in creating a more skilled and effective mentoring relationship.  Read a full description at:

We have reached capacity for in-person attendance!   If you’d like to join via webinar, please register here

NOVEMBER 8, Public Speaking Tips: How to Tell Your Story with Style

We have reached capacity for in-person attendance! Stay tuned for us to share a webinar link for this event.

This series is brought to you by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee in Collaboration with the Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, UAHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Native Faculty, CALS Staff Council and CALS Appointed Professionals Council

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