like being able to feed and house our neighbors.
like being able to feed and house our neighbors.
Reinvestment Partners' mission is to foster healthy and just communities by empowering People, improving Places, and influencing Policy.
We know our work is more important than ever as these days. See how we're making a difference in these uncertain times.


Healthy Helping - Feeding 37,000 Families

Reinvestment Partners' COVID-19 emergency response food program, Healthy Helping, has helped feed over 37,000 families since July. Thanks to an additional $1 million from the General Assembly, participants will redeem a total of $3.5 million in healthy fruits and vegetables by the end of the year.
Thank you for providing this wonderful program! It was extremely helpful during the past 3 months... I appreciated it very much!


Hotel to Home - Growing Success

Our Hotel to Home program is up and running successfully. Eight rooms are currently in use, providing transitional housing to homeless individuals with health challenges. We've even had one resident move into his own apartment already!
Starting in October, residents began gardening thanks to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Gardens For Everyone initiative. IFFS installed two garden boxes, allowing folks to take part in growing their own food.


Angella's Hope for Homes - Filling a Need

Thanks to the generous response of the community, our fundraising campaign Angella's Hope for Homes surpassed its fundraising goal of $12,500. The funds raised allow us to double the number of clients we serve via a mobile-first web form designed for remote counseling. Clients are already using the web form and providing valuable feedback for improvements.
So glad to help out! Reinvestment Partners helped us keep our home back in 2013-2014!

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